Operating a Handheld Flare

How to Activate a Hand-held FlareWhile we all hope we never need to actually use flares - it's important to know how to do so.  Here's what to do:

  1. Remove plastic lid to expose scratch surface on cap
  2. Twist and remove cap, exposing the black flare igniter button
  3. Gently strike the scratch surface of cap against the black button of the flare (similar to striking a match), while pointing away from face and body.

Orion Hand-held Aerial FlaresDo’s and Don’ts for Handheld Flares:

  • Don’t strike the igniter button with the scratch surface too hard. This can cause the prime to "pop," much like a match-head.
  • Don’t position the flare near your stomach or below your face during ignition. The flare should be held in front of and away from body.
  • Don’t drop the flare as this may cause the burning portion to break off, extinguishing the flare.
  • Don’t carry a lit flare with the burning end straight up so that the molten residue drips on your hand.
  • DO hold the flare slightly upward and away from your body, over the water so that flare dripings do not injure the operator’s hand, or drip on (and damage) the vessel.  This is especially critical if igniting a hand flare from a life raft. 
  • Don’t try to extinguish the flare by smothering the flame. The flare is designed to produce oxygen independent of the outside air.
  • DO allow the flare to burn completely, thereby consuming all chemicals within the flare.

Fisheries Supply stocks a wide variety of flares and we are happy to answer any other questions you may have about them - simply call our product experts at (800) 426-6930.  If you'd like to learn more about flare requirements, safety and disposal - click HERE.

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