Radial® Design Self-Tailing Winches  -  Aluminum & Chrome
Radial® Design Self-Tailing Winches  -  Aluminum & Chrome

Radial Chrome Three-Speed Self-Tailing Winches

Diagonal Ribs Increase Grip, Minimize Line Wear
By: Harken

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A complete re-design from the deck up, Radial winch gripping surfaces are specifically engineered for each winch size and drum material. They feature diagonal ribs to maximize gripping power, while greatly reducing line wear. When easing a line, the angle of the ribs stops the line from rising, thus preventing overrides and providing a smooth, controlled release as the line exits the winch. Because chrome is more slippery than aluminum, the ribs on chrome radial winches are spaced closer together to increase friction.
Seasonal maintenance is now exceptionally easy - the top lifts out as a single unit, making reassembly quick and mistake-free. Composite roller bearings reduce friction under load and don’t require lubrication.

• Radial drum pattern performs as well with high tech line as with older cordage
• Lightweight/high strength/corrosion-resistant materials - composite self-tailing jaws, skirt, roller bearings, and bushings
• Aluminum drum models provide additional, substantial, weight savings
• Load-carrying gears and pins are 17-4PH stainless steel for strength and durability
• Snap-fit design of roller bearings keeps bearings captive in a Delrin® cage when drum is removed for maintenance
• Winch tops are completely covered, so fingers and clothing don't get caught in moving parts
• Snap-on/off base skirt allows for easy one-person installation, without having to remove the drum

Note that the difference between the Radial 60 2-speed and 60 3-speed winches is that the 3-speed winch has an extra, lower gear for faster line retrieval.
Likewise for the 70 and 80 2-speed winches vs. the 70 and 80 3-speed models.
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