26mm X 725mm Double Switch Storage Track
Battcar Double Swich Storage Track

Switch T-Track Battcar - 26 mm Double Storage Track

Splits Cars Onto Two Tracks to Shorten the Stack Height
By: Harken

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On large yachts, Harken's Switch T-Track Battcar Systems cut the Battcar stack height of a lowered mainsail in half by automatically splitting cars onto two side-by-side tracks just above the boom. This makes it much easier for crew to put on sail covers and to connect and disconnect halyards.
The unique switch plate has no moving parts, ensuring exceptionally reliable functioning. Small protrusions on the side of each car determine which track the car drops onto. The cars are attached to the sail with the protrusions on alternating sides - so they alternate tracks as they drop.

Note that 22 mm Switch T-Track is the only size where the two storage tracks come as their own piece of dual track (with a separate, add-on switch section).
In 18 mm Switch T-Track, the switch and double storage track are all a single integral piece. In 32 mm and 50 mm sizes the "double" storage tracks are created from separate pieces of track mounted side-by-side.

18 mm Switch Track is suitable for: Monohulls 37 - 45 ft (11 - 13.5 m); Multihulls 30 - 35 ft (9 - 10.5 m)
18 mm High Load Switch Track is suitable for: Monohulls 45 - 50 ft (13.5 - 15 m); Multihulls 35 - 40 ft (10.5 - 12 m)
26 mm Switch Track is suitable for: Monohulls 50 - 80 ft (15 - 24 m); Multihulls 40 - 60 ft (12 - 18 m)
32 mm Switch Track is suitable for: Monohulls 80 - 140 ft (24 - 43 m); Multihulls 60 - 90 ft (18 - 27 m)
50 mm Switch Track is suitable for: Monohulls over 140 ft (43 m); Multihulls 90 ft (27 m)

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