TR31 Tight Radius Rail and Trolley Safety System
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TR31 Tight Radius Rail and Trolley Safety System

Mobile Tether Safey System | For Specialized Personnel | Capable of Tight Radius Curves
By: Harken

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The Tight Radius 31 Safety Rail and Trolley System provides mobile anchor points for fall restraint on marine vessels.

Rails are composed of straight sections, as well as a variety of curved sections with different amounts of bend, that can change direction in both horizontal and vertical planes — allowing trolleys to run exceptionally smoothly around very tight 8" radii.
The system is certified to EN795.2012 B/D

How does it work?
The TR31 continuous rail and trolley system allows a crew member, fully-harnessed and securely tethered to the trolley, to move freely along the rail with fall restraint security during inspection, maintenance, or while working on deck.
This system has found a particular following on pilot boats for assisting in pilot transfer.

Rails can be either surface or stanchion mounted and are designed so the user never has to unhook and re-hook the tether as they move around the deck - even around corners and up and down stairways.
The trolleys are free rolling on the rail when unloaded. In the event of a fall, the wheels are designed to deform sufficiently so the trolley contacts the rail and provides a "braking" effect.

Watch an informative 3 minute video demonstrating the TR31 System in action.

Installation and maintenance
The system is easy to install either at initial build or as a retrofit. Rails can be welded or attached with M10 flathead 316/A4 stainless steel fasteners - whose heads provide the best fit with the track’s countersunk holes. The track must be supported at least every 4’-3" (1.3 m).

Maintenance is easy — simply flush the open bearings and track clean with fresh water and mild detergent, wiping down the recessed surfaces of the track with a cloth. It is important to flush the trolley rollers as excessive build-up of grease, dirt, or salt will impede car movement.

Trolley design -
• Strong - tested to 2,645 lb (1200 kg) twice the MCA requirements
• Compact - minimum intrusion on narrow deck and restricted work areas
• Multidirectional load bearing - the shackle can be used on either side of a trolley
• Anodized for maximum corrosion resistance

Brake trolley design -
• Screw pin on trolley keeps it in position when not in use

Rail design -
• System works for both vertical and horizontal operating planes
• Up to 51" (1.3 m) unsupported span
• High-strength, marine grade 6061-T6 aluminum rail
• Anodized for maximum corrosion and wear protection
• Rails can be mounted at any angle - even upside down
• Rail sections are held together using internally threaded aluminum Splice Links (#IN211)
• Be sure to purchase one rail splice for every section of track you purchase after the first one
• Countersunk M10 fasteners for flush fitting heads
• Mounting/Splicing hole distance from hole center to end of track is 0.984" (25 mm) (All track pieces)
• Track thickness (height) is 25 mm (0.98")
Harken #548 End Stops MUST be installed at rail ends to prevent the trolley from rolling off the end of the track

NOTE — Fasteners used for splicing and mounting the track are user supplied. Use M10 x 20mm flathead 316 (A4) stainless steel fasteners for splicing rail sections. Fasteners are used for anchoring the rails instead of welding the rail to the mounting surface, the fastener length will need to be determined by the installer.

Delrin® rollers -
• No lubrication required
• Low friction
• Smooth movement
• Roller is fully supported on both ends

Heavy on the technical side...

Limitations —
The TR31 rail and trolley system is not intended for work positioning or movement under load.
Capacity: This system is designed for use by one person per 1.3 m (4.3 ft) span, with a combined weight (clothing, tools etc.) of no more than 135 kg (297 lb). No more than one person per 1.3 m (4.3 ft) span may be connected to the rail and trolley system at one time.
Training: This equipment must be installed and used by persons trained in its correct application and use.

Standards —
The system as outlined in the User Manual in the link, below, is designed to meet the requirements of: EN795:2012, BS 7883:2005, MGN 410, MGN280 M including section stating:
An efficient, uninterrupted/continuous safety rail system for clip-on safety harnesses should be provided. The system should allow the harness traveler to move freely and without adjustment over the full length of the safety rail. The rail system, its attachment to the vessel structure, and the clip-on safety harnesses should be designed, constructed, installed, tested, and maintained to appropriate personal protective equipment standards, to the satisfaction of the Certifying Authority.
Refer to individual countries and maritime standards for your region.

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