Intersleek Pro - Biocide Free Fouling Release Paint - Base Only
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Intersleek Pro - Biocide Free Fouling Release Paint - Base Only

Copper Free • Biocide Free • Ultra Slick PTFE Based Bottom Coating • 3 Components

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Intersleek Pro is an outstanding, biocide-free, fouling "release coating" for use on underwater hulls as an alternative to traditional antifouling biocides. It provides an exceptionally slippery surface with low VOCs and reduced environmental impact. Intersleek Pro is derived from a commercial coating - applied to 1,000 ft freighters, where small amounts of fouling can make a huge difference in fuel consumption. This coating is now made available to the retail market.

Note, however, that Intersleek Pro is a three-component coating, and its application involves a steep learning curve. It should be applied by trained professionals only.

The Intersleek Pro System is based on unique patented fluoropolymer foul release technology (same chemical family as Teflon®) and is unlike conventional antifoulings. The technology provides an ultra-smooth, slippery, low-energy surface, which fouling organisms find very difficult to attach to.
Those organisms which do manage to adhere - say during long periods of inactivity - adhere only weakly, and can be easily removed, often simply by the motion of the vessel through the water.
Slime build-up can occur on all foul release coatings, but the advanced Intersleek Pro technology reduces slime build-up by 50% over previous silicone foul release systems.

NOTE —The Intersleek Pro system is sold as three separate components which mix to make a 5 liter (1.32 gal) batch: Part A Base (5 liter container), Part B Curing Agent (1 liter container), and Part C Accelerator (1 liter container). Each component is sold separately, and you must purchase all three to be able to use this product. Additionally, Intersleek Pro has a required 2-part Tie Coat primer. See Related Products, below.
Each container is "short-filled" - the 5 liter pail is a little over-sized; you pour in Parts B and C, and mix. There is no measuring or waste.
The actual mixing ratios end up being 9 volumes Part A, to 2 volumes Part B, to 1 volume Part C.
Intersleek Pro MUST be applied over Intersleek Pro Tie Coat or itself.

Features —
• Ultra smooth slippery surface makes it difficult for fouling organisms to attach. Those that manage are typically swept off by the motion of the vessel through the water
• Best suited for higher speed vessels, and those that are used frequently
• Incredible, mirror-like finish
• Available in 3 vibrant colors (blue, black, white)
• Long, multi-year service life
• Excellent foul release properties
• Significantly reduced environmental impact
• Improves boat speed and fuel efficiency
• Reduces engine load
• Not for use in freshwater
• Can be applied to underwater metals - such as propellers and struts
• No maximum out-of-water time, but protect from UV over long periods
• Can be applied by brush (small areas only), roller, or spray
• Thinner/Cleaner: Special Thinner 216 (thinning is not recommended)
• Theoretical coverage is 200 ft²/gallon (264 ft²/kit); 1 coat recommended; 74% solids (vol.)
• Rolling will require a second coat to achieve the recommended 6 mil film thickness; but rolling uses same total paint as spraying (200 ft²/gallon)
• This is one Part of a three component product. You MUST buy all three products to apply this paint.

Heavy on the technical side...

Fouling: What to Expect
Foul release coatings do not contain active biocides and cannot actively repel the attachment of fouling organisms. The purpose of the Intersleek Pro System is to create a "low surface energy" surface which is extremely difficult for growth to attach to. When fouling begins, the adhesion is weak, but the longer it remains on the surface the harder it will be to remove. For example, a barnacle that has begun to grow on the Intersleek Pro surface and is less than the size of a pencil eraser can easily be removed.
The smooth, "low surface energy" coating of Intersleek Pro surfaces provides a weak platform for growth to permanently adhere. The more the boat is used the cleaner it will stay with minimal underwater cleaning. With power boats, higher running speeds will also contribute to the self-cleaning properties of the coating.
Inspection and Cleaning
As there is no active biocide in the Intersleek Pro System, its ability to protect the boat from fouling is dependent upon how frequently the boat is used, how fast the boat goes, the severity of the fouling conditions in the docking area, and the frequency of underwater cleaning.
Both the method of underwater cleaning and its frequency will greatly influence the long term success of the performance of the Intersleek Pro system.

Fluoropolymer chemistry represents the very latest advances in foul release technology formulated to make it very difficult for fouling organisms to adhere to the coated surface.
Marine fouling organisms secrete adhesives that can be either hydrophobic or hydrophilic - depending on the species.
By creating a balanced amphiphilic surface (exhibiting hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties), Intersleek Pro minimizes both chemical and electrostatic adhesion between the surface of the hull and a wide range of fouling organism species.

During application, this paint system is very sensitive to rain, moisture, and temperature. It will be most easily applied in a tented, environmentally controlled space.
Intersleek Pro and its Tie Coat are fluoropolymer-based products, and therefore great care should be used to avoid possible contamination of surrounding areas by overspray
Any roughness produced by sanding or grinding must be reduced prior to application for best performance.
It is essential to achieve a minimum total dry film thickness of 6 mils of Intersleek Pro for optimum performance. This can be achieved by roller (4.1 mils WFT per coat), or by airless spray (8.1 mils WFT per coat). If this film thickness is not achieved, an extra coat must be applied. A dry film thickness of more than 6 mils does not negatively affect the performance.
Any masking tape used should be removed as soon as the Intersleek Pro is touch dry and before it is hard dry. Gentle use of a knife can ensure that the masking is removed cleanly.

In order to ensure maximum smoothness of the surface in application, it is important to strictly adhere to the procedures laid out in the Instruction Manual for this product. The responsibility for achieving the necessary standards of surface preparation and paint application rest with the coating applicator and the boatyard; under no circumstances do these responsibilities rest with Interlux.
Refer to and understand the current product Data Sheet, MSDS, 32-page Instruction Manual, and precautionary notices on the container label prior to use of this product.
For trained professionals only. Call Fisheries Supply for further details 800-426-6930.

Proper ventilation and protective measures must be provided during application and drying to keep solvent vapor concentrations within safe limits and to protect against toxic or oxygen deficient hazards and/or flash fire. Actual safety measures are dependent on application methods and work environment.

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