Micron® CSC Antifouling Paint

Micron CSC - Ablative Antifouling Paint

Multi-Season • Copolymer - Controlled Depletion Ablative

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Micron CSC is a copper-based, controlled solubility copolymer, ablative antifouling paint. The workhorse of the Micron family, it is a general purpose bottom paint, suitable for most boats, except aluminum.
As with all ablative antifouling paints, Micron CSC works best on boats that move. Like a bar of soap, ablative paints depend on moving water to erode the surface, exposing fresh biocide.
With its featured Controlled Solubility Copolymer chemistry, unlike some ablative paints, CSC wears away at a more controlled rate while maintaining the design level of biocide at the surface - allowing the use of lower amounts of (expensive) copper without sacrificing effectiveness.
Micron CSC provides excellent, multi-season antifouling protection against all types of fouling.

Ablative paints reduce the build-up of old coatings and minimize sanding at reapplication.
Micron CSC's chemistry allows the boat to be hauled and re-launched without recoating.

• Excellent suitability for moderate to heavy fouling areas
• Sophisticated Micron family synthetic resin binders control the release of biocides so they last the lifetime of the paint
• Long lasting multi-seasonal protection
• Suitable for both power and sailboats
• Haul and relaunch without repainting
• Suitable for use on high speed boats
• Cuprous oxide biocide content: 37%
• Do not apply on aluminum
• Apply using brush, 3/8" nap solvent resistant roller, or spray
• Thinner for brush or spray: Special Thinner 216
• Theoretical coverage is 440 ft²/gallon; 2 - 3 coats recommended, 3 on bare wood; 55% solids (vol.)
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