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KF Flying Sail Furler

For Cruising or Racing

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While applicable for both racing and cruising, this closed loop, lightweight, easy-to-deploy furler really comes into its own for the short-handed or safety conscious cruising sailor.
Controlled from the safety of the cockpit, installing a KF Furler will make sail handling easier for you.

For the cruising sailor, the KF Furler offers many important advantages —
• A first-of-its-kind drum locking mechanism prevents the sail from accidentally unfurling, and removes the need for clutches on the furling line.
Furling can be controlled from the cockpit with just one hand:
- To furl, simply pull on the endless line.
- If the line is accidentally dropped, the drum locks automatically.
- To unfurl, a tug on the furling line releases the lock, and enables the sail to unfurl.
• The endless loop furling line can be installed or removed in seconds, without the need for any tools.
• The closed spool on the furling drum prevents objects from getting snagged while operating at sea.

In racing applications —
• Utilizing multiple furlers for various sails, the Karver KF Furler offers the advantage of roller furling without the weight and windage of conventional foil-style roller furling systems
• Racing sailors will appreciate the low profile design that minimizes both drum and tack fitting height, providing for maximal luff length and increased sail efficiency.
• The ideal system to set and strike light sails such as asymetrical and cruising spinnakers, gennikers, and code zeros.

Features —
• Available for boats from 20 foot cruisers to 150 foot megayachts
• Extremely compact design — weighs 35% less than the competition
• Durable, low friction ball bearings ensure smooth rotation
• Maintenance free
• Unique, automatic drum locking mechanism prevents accidents, and operates from the safety of the cockpit
• Locking mechanism can be removed at any time for operation as a traditional continuous line furler
• Quick-connect captive pins make attachment of the drum and swivel a breeze
• Lightweight materials and composite spool minimize possible mast and deck impacts while hoisting or lowering
• Protected by a special anodizing with Teflon® impregnation
• Consult your sailmaker when sizing these furlers for your boat
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179317KRV KF.75 KF.75Loading...KF.75 Continuous Loop Furler - 6 mm (1/4") Pin Dia., 750 kg (1,500 lb) SWLLoading...
179318KRV KF1 KF1Loading...KF1 Continuous Loop Furler - 8 mm (5/16") Pin Dia., 1.5 ton (3,000 lb) SWLLoading...
179319KRV KF2 KF2Loading...KF2 Continuous Loop Furler - 10 mm (13/32") Pin Dia., 2.5 ton (5,000 lb) SWLLoading...
179321KRV KF5 KF5Loading...KF5 Continuous Loop Furler - No Pin, 5.0 ton (10,000 lb) SWLLoading...
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