Mantus Anchor Bridles & Snubbers

Mantus Anchor Bridles & Snubbers

Designed for use on monohulls | Reduces shock loads | Large rope eyes

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Anchor bridles (and snubbers) are lengths of nylon line attached to a chain hook. They are used while anchored to create a direct link between an all-chain anchor rode and strong points on the boat - bypassing the windlass.
Bridles not only eliminate wind and wave shock loads on the windlass drive shaft, they also act as shock absorbers for the chain rode — which helps keep the anchor in place on the seabed.

These "Universal" Bridles are constructed with large rope eyes for securing to the bow cleats of monohulls.
A different version with thimble eyes and shackles is available for attaching to the bow eye-bolts on catamarans.

Since boats of a given length will not always use the same size chain rode, this bridle yoke is sold without the chain hook so you can select a hook sized appropriately for the chain you are using.
Although the central thimble on these Universal Anchor Bridles can be attached to any chain hook, it is ideally paired with the super-secure Mantus Chain Hook — which, unlike plain hooks, is uniquely designed so it cannot fall off the chain as the bridle is deployed or during the violence of a storm. See Accessory Products, below.
The Mantus Chain Hook is designed to be stronger than the high test chain it fits.

Features of the Mantus Anchor Bridle
• Designed to absorb shock loads on the anchor rode generated by waves and wind gusts — which could dislodge the anchor
• Helps protect deck cleats from shock loads
• Takes anchoring loads off the windlass - which is not designed to withstand heavy loads or shock loading
• Strong and durable
• Large spliced eyes fit virtually all deck cleats, hawse cleats and bitts
• Super secure 8 tuck eye splices
• Heavy duty chafe protection extends for five feet on each leg and at the thimble end
• Uses heavy duty 316L stainless steel shackles and thimbles rated to be as strong as the largest high test chain that matches the system
• Included high-load carabiner can be replaced with a chain hook (not included) for convenience when using the bridle for attaching to a mooring buoy

Heavy on the technical side...

Anchor bridles and snubbers are lengths of stretchy nylon line attached to a chain hook or carabiner. They are used when anchored to create a direct link between your all-chain anchor rode and strong points on your boat - bypassing the windlass.

Snubbers (one line) and bridles (two lines) perform two important functions:
1)   When at anchor, the hook on the bridle or snubber is attached to the chain while the other end(s) attach to your mooring cleats at the bow.
This allows you to ease the windlass, creating some slack in the chain. The result is that the load of the boat comes on your mooring cleats instead of the anchor windlass drive shaft, which is not designed to withstand heavy loads or the shock loads on the chain created by wind and waves. (The windlass is designed for steady loads of approximately the weight of your chain plus anchor - not the high force of the boat against the anchor in high winds.)
2)   The fact that the bridle is made with 3-strand nylon rope introduces stretch (shock absorbancy) into the system which augments the caternary effect of the anchor chain in light weather.
This stretch relieves some of the shock load on both your mooring cleats, as well as the anchor's purchase on the seabed, when the boat fetches up due to waves or wind gusts - helping everything to stay in place.
In severe conditions, the chain may be stretched tight, providing no shock-absorbing function at all, leaving only the bridle to provide stress relief.
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