Aqua Zone Underwater Epoxy Putty
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Aqua Zone Underwater Epoxy Putty

Two Part - For Use Above or Below Waterline

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Aqua Zone is a versatile, 1:1 epoxy putty for use above or below the water line. With its high impact and abrasion resistance, this quick and easy repair putty is ideal for many applications. The versatility of this epoxy putty is what makes it a necessary product to have on board and readily available.
With the ability to cure underwater, Aqua Zone lends itself to be a quick fix repair putty.

For the cure time in air or water at 70°F, Aqua Zone will begin to become firm within 2 hours and will reach its full hardness in about 6 hours.

Mixing & Handling:
• Aqua Zone is applied by hand mixing the resin and hardener until putty turns a consistent green in color.
• Once mixed, it is ready to fill, seal, patch or re-build aluminum, concrete, wood, metal, fiberglass and steel.
• Once applied, Aqua Zone produces a rock-hard surface that provides excellent protection against corrosion of metals as well as deterioration of concrete or wood.
• Once cured, Aqua Zones hard surface can be tapped, machined and drilled.

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