Sphaera SS Rub Rail - Stainless Insert Only

Sphaera SS Rub Rail - Stainless Insert Only

Insert & Base Sold Separately

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Sold as separate components, Sphaera Rub Rail has changed the world of traditional stainless steel rub rails with its clean looks, adaptability and ease of installation.

The Sphaera Rub Rail System —
Sphaera is composed of stainless steel inserts (featured in this entry) which mount over your choice of two styles of semi-rigid PVC bases. The bases come in black or white and are sold by the foot to eliminate waste and undesireable joints.
The stainless inserts are available in four widths, making them appropriate for a wide range of vessel sizes and styles.
Refer to Related Products, below, for the matching Sphaera PVC base profiles.

When you purchase Sphaera Rub Rail, be sure to purchase both the insert and the matching size base.

Lightweight and easily handled, Sphaera Rub Rail is installed quickly by using the boat itself as the bending template — thus eliminating the inconvenience and expense of stocking of pre-bent profiles and expensive tooling. The insert and base are installed together and are secured by the same fasteners.

The Sphaera Rub Rail system ensures an attractive, continuous and uniform profile all around the boat, avoiding the unsightly imperfections of traditional stainless steel rub rails with their obvious section joints.

• Innovative stainless steel profile is as durable as a traditional half-round stainless steel profile
• Sphaera stainless steel inserts are easily curved in any shape to facilitate installation directly on the boat
• Semi-rigid, shock-proof PVC base combines high impact strength with an elegant look at a great price
• Available joint caps hide insert joints and help keep the bars perfectly aligned
• Stainless steel insert bars are delivered pre-drilled at constant intervals
• Stainless steel end caps provide a finishing touch to transoms and to the boat's sides
• Installation is fast and requires no special tools

Sphaera's unique construction makes it capable of being formed, without kinking, to the sharp bow or stern quarter curves featured on some vessels. For these, the use of a vise-held plywood bending template is recommended.

Sphaera Stainless Steel Insert Component —
The Sphaera stainless steel insert bars make up the main visual component of the Sphaera Rub Rail system.
They have a proprietary formula, rigid PVC core which is engineered to distribute the force of impacts - thus avoiding denting and "dock damage". When installed, the semi-hard PVC base component further reduces possible deformation due to impacts.
The inserts are available in 9.8 ft (3 m) sections in four different widths to match the size and style of any vessel.

Typically, the inserts are paired with your choices of available PVC bases in black or white and two different thicknesses.

The Sphaera bars can be used in three ways —
• They can be installed on one of the standard Thick PVC Bases - which gives the look of a traditional rub rail.
• For a "clean" look, the bars can be installed on a Slim PVC Base - which is just a thin pad that protects the surface of the vessel and is barely visible once the installation is complete.
• Rarely, the stainless steel bars are installed by themselves - without using any base.

The installation is completed by adding the appropriate width of optional cosmetic joint caps and end caps, as needed. See Accessory Products, below.

Sphaera series are numbered according to the width of the Stainless Steel Insert in millimeters - Sphaera 25mm, Sphaera 35mm, etc. When selecting components, always make sure the series numbers match to assure compatability.
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