Smartfind S20 Personal AIS Man Overboard Beacon

Smartfind S20 Personal AIS Man Overboard Beacon

Efficiently Locate and Retrieve a Missing Crew Member
By: McMurdo

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The revolutionary McMurdo Smartfind S20 is the result of improvements in the miniaturization of AIS (Automatic Identification System) search and rescue technology.
The Smartfind S20 is a personal AIS* device designed to assist in the recovery of a man over board. It is lightweight and compact and intended to be carried by all crew members.

The compact, lightweight SR20 unit, which is intended to be attached to a lifejacket, sends structured alert messages, GPS position, and a special identity code directly to AIS receivers within an approximately four-mile radius.
A built-in, high precision GPS receiver - which updates every 60 seconds – assures accuracy of the data transmitted from the S20.

With precise location, distance and bearing data, fellow crew members (and nearby AIS-enabled receivers) receive all the information they need to locate the person in difficulty - enabling a speedy recovery.
The S20 will transmit continuously for up to 24 hours and has a seven year battery storage life. It is made of ultra durable ABS and is waterproof to five meters.

The S20 survivor recovery system is designed to be compatible with all existing AIS-enabled chart plotters and on-board navigation systems. It provides a reliable and cost effective solution for crew safety.

The Smartfind S20 is mounted on your life jacket prior to going to sea, using the clips provided.
To activate the Smartfind SR20, pull the orange safety-lock tab out of the device and pull the red cap off the end of the S20. This will deploy the antenna and automatically switch on the S20.
(If mounted on an inflatable life jacket, the PFD must first be inflated to gain access to the Smartfind S20 device.)

• Provides accurate position information to assist fast recovery of individuals in difficulty at sea
• Transmits GPS target tracking information over AIS
• Compatible with AIS-enabled plotters and onboard navigation systems to assist fast location and retrieval
• Compact and only 120 grams (4.2 oz), it is designed for life jacket use
• Special TX ID transmitted every minute
• Flashing LED aids in location of person in the water at night
• Minimum 24 hour continuous operation
• 7 year battery life
• First transmission typically after 15 seconds
• Waterproof

To be clear —If your vessel is alone in the ocean, and someone wearing it falls overboard...unless your vessel is equipped with an AIS-enabled chart plotter or AIS receiver or transponder, this device just becomes a fancy strobe light.

* AIS (Automatic Identification System) devices transmit and receive (or just receive or transmit) coded VHF frequency signals between AIS instrument equipped vessels, aiding them in avoiding collisions. The AI system has also been adapted for use in aiding man overboard rescues.

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