Muir Cougar  Compact Horizontal Windlasses

Muir Cougar HR1200 Horizontal Rope/Chain Windlass

1200 lb max. pull | Typical boat size 29 to 42 ft | Heavy duty electric motor

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The Cougar is a horizontal combination rope/chain anchor rode windlass. The Cougar features a built-in, ratcheting, manual recovery handle, a strong, lightweight, fiberglass housing, and bushed mounting points. The independently operated capstan allows for a variety of rope hauling functions.
Unlike windlasses from other manufacturers, Muir windlasses do not come with specific gypsies, and one must be specified at the time of ordering. The Cougar has gypsies available for chain sizes from 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8"; see below for details. Please call 800-426-6930 when ordering.

The Cougar windlass is typically suitable for use on boats in the 29 - 42 ft range, depending on windage and displacement.
The typical boat lengths provided include both light and heavy displacement vessels. If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range given for the Cougar, but has a relatively heavy displacement for its length, choose a larger windlass, such as the Muir Thor.
Analogously, If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range provided for the Cougar, but has a very light displacement for its length, you can select the Cougar.
Use good judgment, as you never know when your windlass will be pressed to perform at the limits of its capabilities - such as raising the anchor in storm conditions.

• Combination rope/chain gypsy
• Independent gypsy and capstan operation
• Durable marine grade alloy housing with white gloss finish and snubbing cleat
• Heavy duty electric motor is series wound (SW) for greater power, faster retrieval, and increased dependability
• Dual direction motor (requires optional solenoid control box and second footswitch for power up/down operation)
• Stainless steel shaft and bronze gears for durability
• Fully enclosed, above deck gearbox with stainless steel driveshaft
• 316 Stainless steel cone clutch/brake
• Dimensions on deck - 12.6"L x 10"H x 8.5"W (14.75" overall, including capstan and gypsy)
Gypsies for a variety of chain sizes are available, please specify when ordering, or call 800-426-6930
• ISO 9001 certified
• Available with a 24V motor (MHR1600024E) by special order; inquire at 800-426-6930

What's in the box — windlass, gypsy, (1) high amperage footswitch for power up, deck mounted chainpipe with chain peeler, and manual recovery/clutch release handle for free fall deployment.
Please specify gypsy number (see below) in the Shopping Cart Comment Field.
Popular recommended options include an additional footswitch for power down functionality, circuit breaker, single or dual direction solenoids.
Popular accessories include remote control panel or hand held remote, chain counter.

Is the Cougar a good choice for your boat? You can use the recommended typical boat lengths provided or, for a more rigorous determination, take the total weight of your ground tackle (anchor + rode - presumably correctly sized for your particular vessel) and multiply by 3. The maximum pull capability of the windlass should be at least as large as the resulting number.

Heavy on the technical side...
Chain and gypsy options for the Muir Cougar windlass:
• 5/16" BBB = MPH1200080 gypsy
• 3/8" BBB = MPH1200099 gypsy
• 1/4" HT = MPH1200113 gypsy
• 5/16" HT = MPH1200133 gypsy
• 3/8" HT = MPH1200112 gypsy

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