Mustang Re-Arm Kits
Re-Arm Kits
Re-Arm Kits
Re-Arm Kits
Re-Arm Kits
Re-Arm Kits
Re-Arm Kits
Re-Arm Kits

Mustang Re-Arm Kits

Automatic | Manual | or Hydrostatic PFDs

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These Re-Arm Kits contain everything necessary to re-arm your Mustang Survival inflatable PFD after deployment. Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits for Mustang Survival Inflatable PFDs. Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate and will void the product's warranty.

• Any component which is dated should be replaced before the expiration date passes
• On automatic inflating PFD models, the inflator bobbin should be replaced on a regular basis, even if the PFD hasn't been used (see PFD instructions)
• Inflation pins and bobbins are included in all appropriate kits; or sold individually, below
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Sku#Item IDMustang Survival#AvailabilityDescriptionUOMYour PriceQTY
169673MUS MI5700 MI5700Loading...16G CO2 Cylinder for MIV-10, and MRV170Loading...
392923MUS MA2010 MA2010Loading...20G Manual Re-Arm Kit for MD2010Loading...
382253MUS MA2012 MA2012Loading...20G Automatic Re-Arm Kit for MD2012Loading...
392240MUS MA2014 MA2014Loading...24G Automatic/Manual Re-Arm Kit "D" for MD2014, MD2015, MD2016, MD2017 and versions CM and T1Loading...
456220MUS MA5183 MA5183Loading...24G Hydrostatic Re-Arm Kit "A" for MD5183 (BC/KF), and MD5153 (BC/KF)Loading...
452150MUS MA5283 MA5283Loading...33G Hydrostatic Re-Arm Kit "B" for MD5283, MD5253, MD6284, and MD6254Loading...
456924MUS MA7113 MA7113Loading...33G Automatic/Manual Re-Arm Kit "F" for MD1166, MD3000, MD3001, MD3002, MD3003, MD3004, MD3017, MD3019, MD3020, MD3010. MD3015, MD3021, MD3025, MD3031, MD3032 and MD3091Loading...
1011870MUS MA7116 MA7116Loading...12G CO2 Manual Re-Arm Kit "G" for MD7183Loading...
143014MUS MA7159 MA7159Loading...Replacement Saftey Pins (Green) for All Automatic and Manual Inflatable PFDsLoading...
185622MUS MA7206 MA7206Loading...Rescue Stick Re-Arm Kit for Rescue Stick (MRD100)Loading...
176999MUS MA7214 MA7214Loading...33G Hydrostatic Re-Arm Kit "C" for MD3153 (02/LE/T3), MD3154 (02), MD3155, MD3157, MD3183 (02/GS/LE/T2/T3), MD3184 (02), and MD3188Loading...
185668MUS MA7218 MA7218Loading...38G Hydrostatic Re-Arm Kit for MD0450, and MD0451Loading...
172181MUS MA9210 MA9210Loading...Replacement Bobbins for All (Non HIT) Automatic Inflatable PFDsLoading...
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