Gen3 InstrumentPod
Gen3 InstrumentPod

Gen3 InstrumentPod - Un-Cut 15-1/4" x 5" Usable Face Fits 3 Instruments

GP1300 • For 9-1/2" Wide Pedestal Guards • Waterproof Instrument Housing
By: NavPod

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This very popular InstrumentPod housing is a sturdy, secure, and clean way to mount your depth, speed, and wind instruments right at the helm, where they will be most useful.
This particular InstrumentPod mounts on a 9-1/2" wide pedestal guard, has a blank face, and is available in the unlikely event that NavPod does not offer a Pre-Cut InstrumentPod for your particular brand or size of instruments.
InstrumentPods are best mounted on a StraightGuard or on the upper portion of a NavPod Double Bend AngleGuard with a SailPod mounted below.

The GP1300 can accommodate instruments that occupy up to 15.3"W x 5"H on the face of the pod. Typically, this is three instruments. It can fit instruments with a maximal depth of 3-1/8". Please see the Specification Table for more details.

Designed for mounting on sailboat pedestal steering systems, InstrumentPods are a great solution for mounting depth, speed and wind instruments right at the helm where you can easily operate, and clearly see the smaller details on the screen.

InstrumentPods have a high gloss finish, giving you a clean mounting solution while concealing unsightly wires. Nickel chrome-plated, tamperproof screws provide a little bling and a lot of security.
Designed with a double gasket, waterproof seal, SailPods protect your electronics from the harshest and wettest offshore boating conditions.

InstrumentPods are available to fit either 9.5" or 12" wide steering pedestal guards.
InstrumentPods are versatile and can be mounted on an existing pedestal guard, but are best mounted on a Single Bend AngleGuard for the best viewing angle, or you can mount your InstrumentPod on the upper vertical section of a Double Bend AngleGuard when you are also installing a SailPod to hold a chartplotter. See Accessory Products, below.
Replacing your existing pedestal guard with a new AngleGuard with 1-1/4" tubing is highly recommended. With almost twice the room for wires and connectors, the larger 1-1/4" diameter makes your installation much easier - particularly if you are installing a number of instruments.
The larger tubing diameter also has a much more comfortable and secure feeling when holding onto it in the cockpit.

We generally recommend that you hire a professional rigger to install your NavPod unless you are quite handy with tools and have the proper drill bits and a drill press. See below for more details.

NavPod stands behind their products. Their Gen3 NavPod products offer a remarkable 10-year limited warranty, and are made in Bend, Oregon USA

Click here for a nicely illustrated brochure that provides an overview of NavPod products and their features, including this SailPod, and here to read NavPod's tips for installing a NavPod products on sailboats.

More About NavPod Features —
NavPod products are continually being improved, and are now in their third generation of product engineering and development. Some of the major improvements you can expect from the latest "Gen3" generation of NavPods include:
High Gloss Finish — NavPods are manufactured with a custom co-extruded Acrylic-Capped ABS material. The ABS provides strength while the acrylic outer layer provides excellent UV stability and a very high gloss white finish that matches "white" gel-coated fiberglass. It will never yellow.
Structural Rigidity — Generation 3 NavPods are now made with a thicker gauge material that improves strength and provides better structural rigidity. This heavier material allows for a thicker waterproof seal with more uniform tightening pressure since the unit doesn't flex as much.
Waterproof Seal — All NavPods are manufactured with a double gasket system providing an excellent watertight seal between the front and back of the NavPod.
A thicker external silicone gasket with an improved flush fit is combined with an internal microcell EPDM gasket which is now 50% thicker and is not subject to "compression set" like many rubber compounds. This is important when you need to open the NavPod in the future in order to service your electronics. The seal will continue to do its job year after year.
This double seal system seal provides the best protection for your marine electronics. You can have confidence that NavPods can withstand the harshest and wettest offshore boating conditions.
NOTE that the front seal for mounting the actual instrument on the face of the NavPod is the mounting gasket that is supplied with your instrument.
Nickel Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel — All the hardware supplied with your NavPod is highly corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel which is nickel-chrome plated for an elegant look.
Large round-head, tamperproof screws have deeper sockets for the NavPod wrench for better holding ability when tightening than on older models.

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