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Norscot Dripless Propeller Shaft Seal Kit
Norscot Dripless Propeller Shaft Seal Kit

Norscot Dripless Propeller Shaft Seal Kit

A Dripless Shaft Seal for Stainless Steel Shafts

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A huge convenience, these multi-seal propeller shaft seals are dripless, so there is no leaking or spraying of seawater into the bilge - as with conventional "stuffing boxes".
Norscot Dripless Shaft Seals are designed for direct replacement of your present packing box.
They are cooled and lubricated by a self-contained oil supply for virtually no friction or wear.

Engineered to be inherently safe - three separate, redundant, seals keep the water out of your boat.
Although a total seal failure has never occurred with this product, tests show that such an occurrence would allow less than 1 gallon of water per minute into the boat - an amount easily handled by your bilge pump.

• Clean, easy DIY installation, with very little required maintenance — and dripless to boot!
• Units are available to fit most shaft sizes from 3/4" to 3"
• For any particular shaft diameter, shaft seal kits are available for several different sizes of shaft log
• Uses common transmission fluid (AFT Dexron) to lubricate the shaft
• Durable construction - machined from a single block of marine grade bronze
• The kit includes everything you need for a complete installation:
- Bronze housing assembly with (3) seals, drain plug, tube fittings and installation tool
- A flexible log hose with four SS clamps
- An oil reservoir with connection tubing and hose clamps, mounting clamp bracket and cover
- Complete installation instructions
• Made in the USA

Heavy on the technical side...

Typical maintenance for the Norscot Shaft Seal includes making sure the oil reservoir is topped up, and replacing the three internal shaft oil seals in the bronze housing in the rare instance that they should ever start to leak.
Norscot shaft oil seals have gone for 20 years, and counting, without needing replacement. However, running out of lubricating oil, or having an object like monofiliment fishing line wrap around the propeller shaft and get sucked underneath a seal can cause the oil seals to leak. Pulling the propeller shaft and re-inserting it in the seal without remembering to re-seat the oil seals using the oil seal installation tool that came with the kit can damge the seals and cause them to leak.

Replacement oil seals are sold separately as spare parts; see Related Products, below. If you've misplaced the aluminum tubular installation tool, you will also need to purchase one of those to replace the oil seals.

It should be noted that total oil seal failure will not cause your boat to sink. Norscot Shaft Seals are sized with such close tolerances to your propeller shaft that the gap around the shaft is measured in thousandths of an inch. Even with NO oil seals in place, the Norscot will leak less than one gallon per minute — an amount of water easily handled by an electric bilge pump...or even a bucket.

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