2500W FX-Mobile Series SW Inverter Charger - Sealed, 32V In, 120V Out, 35A
2500W FX-Mobile Series SW Inverter Charger - Sealed, 32V In, 120V Out, 35A
2500W FX-Mobile Series SW Inverter Charger - Sealed, 32V In, 120V Out, 35A

2500W FX-M Sine Wave Inverter Charger - Sealed

Pure Sine Wave; 55A Charger | Sealed Case Model w/ Turbo Fan | 24V DC Input, 120V AC Output

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Designed for use in mobile applications, OutBack FX-M Series Mobile & Marine inverter/chargers provide pure sine wave AC power output combined with intelligent battery charging. They produce virtually distortion-free, true sine wave AC power for better performance from onboard electronics like sensitive home theater equipment, computers, microwaves, medical and scientific instrumentation, etc. with minimal RF interference.
A complete power conversion solution, FX inverter/chargers incorporate a DC to AC inverter, a battery charger, and an AC transfer switch.
These inverter/chargers are ideal for use in either grid-interactive, or stand-alone/off-grid, as well as back-up applications.

Outback's FX Mobile inverter/chargers are available in both sealed case (FX-M) and vented case (VFX-M) versions.
The sealed inverter models are designed for mobile applications in dusty or moist environments and can survive casual exposure to the elements - although a protected location is still recommended.
Vented inverter models are designed for installation in enclosed or interior locations – mainly for RV or other mobile use, such as emergency vehicles and construction or marine installations - where they should be protected from water spray, fumes, or condensation.

The sealed version of the OutBack M-Series inverter/charger is the most rugged design in the world. Conformal-coated circuit boards and powder-coated, die-cast aluminum cases conduct excess heat away and resist corrosion, while gaskets and O-ring seals keep out dust and water.
These inverters are cooled via an internal air circulation fan and do not use outside air for cooling. To augment the internal system, the aluminum case is equipped with heatsink cooling fins and most sealed models are also equipped with an externally mounted OutBack Turbo Fan assembly (shown mounted on the removable cover) which uses external air to remove heat from the outer surface of the case.
Simply put, the sealed FX-M Series is designed to work where other inverter/chargers were never intended to go.

The vented OutBack M-Series has the same proven technology and conformal-coated circuit boards as the sealed version, but has a vented chassis.
Vented models incorporate the familiar internal cooling fan found in traditional inverter/chargers. Typically, the rated output wattage of vented models is higher than the sealed models. This is due to the greater cooling capabilities of the vented models.
The fully screened “bug-proof” openings keep the power conversion components cool in hot environments, even when operated at high power for extended periods of time.

In land-based mobile and marine connections, pass-through shore power (or utility grid) is used as the primary power source. The inverter has a single AC input. However, it has two sets of AC source settings. With an external transfer switch, the inverter can be used on more than one AC source. It is common to use shore (utility grid) power and a generator.
When the shore power is removed, the inverter takes over to run loads from the batteries. The fast (16 msec) 30 amp AC internal transfer relay, with neutral/ground switching, seamlessly alternates between inverting and accepting AC power sources without dropping loads.

Industry leading surge power starts heavy loads, such as air conditioning, without the need to run your generator.
Power factor corrected battery charging gets the most out of shore power and lessens generator run-time while maximizing the lifespan of your batteries.

Networked communications provide modular expandability – your inverter system can grow with your power consumption needs. You can add more inverters in parallel, series, or three-phase power configurations as the need for more power arises – all controllable from a single remote control panel.

The tough die-cast aluminum chassis physically protects the internal components while the air intake includes an easily cleaned filter which seals out debris and insects.
The standard DC wiring cover (shown) protects the DC terminals, battery cables, and cooling air intake from damage.

FX inverter/chargers come with no external controls. They can operate normally without an external control or interface. Basic modes and settings are pre-programmed at the factory. A user-supplied on/off toggle switch will allow the inverter/charger to run automatically utilizing the factory settings.
However, one of the available external OutBack MATE remote control panels can be used to monitor, control, adjust default settings when necessary, or troubleshoot the inverter/charger. See Accessory Products, below.

FX-M sealed inverter/charger features –
• Internal electronic components are cooled by internal and external fans
• FX and VFX mobile inverter/chargers use a “three-stage” battery charging process with Bulk, Absorption, and Float stages to perform quick recharging while prolonging battery life. The inverter’s factory default settings are intended for three-stage charging of lead-acid batteries which have the option to perform a periodic manual Equalization maintenance via one of the available remote controls. Adjusting the charger for other battery types requires use of a remote control
• Optional remote battery temperature sensor (OUT-RTS) will allow adjustment of the charger's output voltage to prevent batteries from being under- or over-charged; see Accessory Products
• Conformal coated circuit boards resist corrosion in moist conditions
• Simple design consisting of three circuit boards which makes field servicing the unit easy no matter where you are
• Rigid die-cast metal construction allows mounting in any position, even upside down
• Very quiet operation allows mounting in noise sensitive areas - even under a bunk
• Rigorous factory testing of each unit assures flawless performance
• UL 458, ANSI/UL 458, Ed:3, and CSA C22.2 certified
• 2-year warranty with option to 5 years

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