Eliminates Brush & Roller Marks • A Popular, Oil-Based Additive Used as a Brushing Thinner, Penetrant, and Finish

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Extremely popular, Penetrol has been used for over 50 years as an additive to improve the brushability, penetration, and adhesion of oil-based paints, stains, varnishes and primers.

• Helps paint flow better — used as a brushing thinner, Penetrol eliminates brush, roller, and lap marks
• Extends working time
• Improves penetration of oil-based paint and primers - it's especially helpful on weathered surfaces
• Increases paint adhesion to prevent future cracking, peeling, and blistering
• Inhibits rust on metal surfaces
• Restores luster and color on weathered fiberglass

Penetrol is a blend of natural oils with a powerful bonding ability and three times the penetration ability of water. Penetrol is high in solids, low-odor, colorless, and non-toxic when dry - making it suitable for indoor use on wood beams and furniture.

Applied by itself as a sealer, Penetrol creeps into the most minute crevices and pinholes of any surface where ordinary paint cannot enter. There, it dries to a tough yet flexible finish, protecting wood against moisture, and forming a sound base for a subsequent coat of paint or varnish.
With multiple coats, Penetrol can rejuvenate sun damaged wood like severely peeling window sills, etc. prior to painting.
Unlike thinners, Penetrol does not evaporate - it becomes a part of the paint mixture, increasing coverage per gallon.

Do NOT use Penetrol with 2-part paint coatings, acrylics, or water-based paints. Do not use it with chlorinated rubber or coal tar coatings.
Always test a small amount first, if not sure, to determine compatibility.
The amount of Penetrol needed will not change the appearance of the dried paint.
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