Fig. 884 Lever Control Solar-Ray® Searchlight Head Assembly and Pedestal
Fig. 884 Lever Control Solar-Ray® Searchlight Head Assembly and Pedestal

10", 12" & 14" Fig. 884 Lever Control Solar-Ray Searchlights

Lever Aimed From the Pilot House • Chrome or White Finish
By: Perko

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The 884 Series Solar-Ray Searchlights are available in 10", 12" and 14" nominal drum diameters, with standard, medium or high pedestal heights, in chrome or white finish.
To complete the searchlight, you must separately purchase a lever control and bulb to suit your particular application.
These Lever Controlled lights are aimed from the pilot house below the light. Turning the lever from side to side aims the light horizontally, while moving the lever up and down aims the light vertically.
All models have anti-halo rings, parabolic glass mirror reflectors for maximum light output, and ventilation covers for quick dissipation of heat to help prolong bulb life. Hinged front doors have quick release stainless steel latches to provide easy access for bulb replacement.

Note: Lever Control Assemblies and Bulbs are sold separately.
Choose an appropriate type of Fig. 0851 Lever Control for the pedestal size of your light, and an appropriate Control length for your installation.
See the Searchlight Bulb entry in the Light Bulb section of our catalog to select a bulb. Your bulb choice will specify the voltage (12V to 230V) and socket type you will require. The socket is included, but the type must be specified when ordering the light. Call 800-426-6930 for assistance.

• 12, 24, 32, 120 & 230 Volt and 100 to 1000 Watt bulbs are available
• Bulb and reflector size must be compatible (contact us for assistance)
• 10" lights support bulbs up to 32VDC, and also 120VAC
• 12" and 14" lights additionally support 230VAC bulbs
• Approximate weights: 10": 28 lb, 12": 38 lb, 14": 45 lb
• All dimensions and weights are nominal; height is "height above deck"
• CE marked
• Images shown are 14" lights
Click on See detailed table of all productsto see specifications of product options.
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98076PKO 08840P1CHR 08840P1CHRLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 10" Chrome, Std. (Low) Ped. - 20-1/8" TallLoading...
09205PKO 08840P1WHT 08840P1WHTLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 10" White, Std. (Low) Ped. - 20-1/8" TallLoading...
92889PKO 0884MP1WHT 0884MP1WHTLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 10" White, Medium Ped. - 28-1/4" TallLoading...
138935PKO 0884HP2WHT 0884HP2WHTLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 10" White, High Ped. - 46-3/4" TallLoading...
98813PKO 08840P2CHR 08840P2CHRLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 12" Chrome, Std. (Low) Ped. - 22-1/8" TallLoading...
09207PKO 08840P2WHT 08840P2WHTLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 12" White, Std. (Low) Ped. - 22-1/8" TallLoading...
142176PKO 0884MP2WHT 0884MP2WHTLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 12" White, Medium Ped. - 30-1/4" TallLoading...
09208PKO 08840P3WHT 08840P3WHTLoading...Fig. 884 Lever Control Searchlight - 14" White, Std. (Low) Ped. - 25-1/8" TallLoading...
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