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Perko Flush Pro
Flush Pro™
Flush Pro™
Perko FlushPro
Perko Flush Pro
Perko Flush Pro
Perko Flush Pro

Flush Pro, 1-1/4", Valve

Freshwater Flushing of Your Inboard is as Simple as Connecting a Garden Hose
By: Perko

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Finally! Freshwater Flushing of Your Inboard is as Simple as Connecting a Garden Hose!
Flush Pro™ valves offer one of the easiest to use flushing systems available for inboard engines. Simply unscrew the Flush Pro™ cap, connect a standard garden hose, turn on the water and start your engine. The Flush Pro™ valve automatically pulls fresh water into the boat's cooling system - even if the boat is in the water - flushing out the entire cooling system with fresh water. When done, shut off the engine, turn off & disconnect the hose and replace the Flush Pro™ cap. Your engine is flushed.
Flush Pro™ also makes winterizing easy. Simply close your seacock after the system is drained, take off the Flush Pro™ cap & drop the 5/8" winterizing fitting into the Flush Pro™ valve. Insert one end of a 5/8" tube into the fitting and the other end into your antifreeze. Start your engine & run until the proper amount of antifreeze is sucked into the engine. Remove the winterizing fitting, replace the cap on the Flush Pro™ valve & you're ready for below freezing temperatures.
• Clear polymer housing with T-junction inlet
• Stainless steel spring
• Available for standard 5/8", 1" or 1-1/4" hose sizes
• Flush your boat engine safely and easily
• Transparent body allows for visual inspection of water flow
• Durable check valve system activated by water pressure from a garden hose
• Check valve automatically shuts off hull intake when water pressure is applied
• Adapter supplied with FlushPro™ makes winterizing your boat easy
• Can be used with onboard generators
• Like all Perko products, Flush Pro valves are made in the USA.

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