Horizons - Multi-Season Ablative Antifouling - with Clean-Core Technology

Horizons - Multi-Season Ablative Antifouling - with Clean-Core Technology

Economical Ablative Bottom Paint
By: Pettit

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Affordable, multi-season, ablative antifouling --- you don't see that very often.
Horizons has a high cuprous oxide biocide level, with the addition of Pettit's breakthrough Clean-Core technology for excellent protection and less environmental impact.
This ablative paint wears away over time, exposing fresh antifouling surfaces while reducing paint build-up and long-term maintenance costs.

Traditional bottom paints use toxic heavy metals, like cadmium, to slow the release of biocides from the paint.
Horizons' exceptional Clean-Core chemistry replaces as much as 50% of the heavy metals in the paint, while maintaining an even more consistent release of fresh biocides from the paint surface.
Horizons provides better protection over a longer time span... not to mention weighing less, and exhibiting brighter colors.

• 40.5% cuprous oxide for strong antifouling protection
• Ideal as a low cost "signal coat" under more expensive Ultima SR-40 and SR-60 antifouling
• Excellent for trailered or other boats stored out of the water for long periods - as long as 12 months
• Not for use on aluminum boats
• Application: brush, short nap roller, airless or conventional spray
• Thinner: Pettit 120 Brushing Thinner, Pettit 121 Spray Thinner
• Theoretical coverage is 500 ft²/gallon; at least 2 coats recommended; 62% solids (vol.)

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