Neptune 5 - Hybrid Water Based Antifouling Paint
Neptune 5 - Hybrid Water Based Antifouling Paint

Neptune 5 - Hybrid Water Based Antifouling Paint

Water-Based Hard Hybrid Thin Film Technology • Single Season
By: Pettit

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Pettit Neptune5 antifouling uses the latest technology available to create a hybrid paint film strong enough to handle the tough marine environment without building up over time. Its crossbreed finish is extremely durable like a hard paint, yet it self-polishes over time like an ablative coating.

Neptune5 is formulated with a 25% cuprous oxide content and durable water-based resins.
It provides cost-effective seasonal protection against algae, barnacles, zebra mussels and other fouling organisms.
Neptune5 has properties similar to a hard ablative paint - it doesn't buildup with repeated applications, but is tough enough to withstand frequent trailering, launching, and beaching.
Water-based for soap and water cleanup along with no strong solvent smell, yields a user friendly application.
When applying, Neptune5 does not require sanding between coats, saving time and money.
With low VOCs Neptune5 is ideal for marinas under restrictions.
Neptune5 can be used over all previously painted surfaces.

• Self-polishing coating wears away with use - exposing fresh biocide and eliminating paint buildup
• Unlimited dry time to launch
• Environmentally friendly, low odor formula
• Seasonal protection against all types of fouling
• Application: brush, 3/16" nap roller, airless or spray
• Clean-up and thinner: Water (do not thin more than 10%)
• Theoretical coverage is 500 ft²/gallon; at least 2 coats recommended, with additional coat at waterline; 40% solids (vol.)

Heavy on the technical side...

A Word From Pettit —
There seems to be a lot of confusion in the marketplace concerning water-based bottom paints.
Many believe that a paint which allows clean up with soap and water must not be able to withstand in-water immersion; others think that if a bottom paint is ecofriendly it must not be as effective as traditional bottom paints, and still others believe that all water-based bottom paints are built the same way...

For over two decades Pettit Paint has led the way with water-based bottom paint technology. Their award winning line of ecofriendly bottom paints provides lower applied cost per square foot, easier application, and work as well, if not better than traditional bottom paints.
In fact, Pettit now has water-based bottom paint formulas in just about every category.

Although there are many water-based antifouling paints on the market, not all are created equal and, no other brand offers all of these benefits:
• Compatible over all bottom paints - no more guessing
• They go further - 20% further in fact, typically covering over 400 square feet per gallon
• Unlimited launch window - paint today and launch whenever you want - no 60 day window, so you can take advantage of boatyard Fall Haulout specials
• No paint film build-up equals no sanding - EVER!
• Haul and re-launch without losing effectiveness
• No nasty solvent smells - allows for painting indoors
• Easy soap and water clean up
• Can be burnished for a slick racing finish

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