CC Series Mooring Buoy
CC Series Mooring Buoy

Polyform CC-Series Inflatable Mooring Buoys

A Reliable, Versatile Marker, Flotation or Mooring Buoy • Hole Through the Middle

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Flexible center tube allows for use in variety of applications including long-lining, floats for fish farm pens, and more recently, for towing sonic cannons in gas and oil exploration.

• Reliable performance, even in the most extreme conditions
• May be strung horizontally or vertically

When strung with chain as a mooring ball, insert a piece of lubricated schedule 40 PVC pipe into the uninflated, lubricated float extending 3" beyond each end; secure the chain through the top end of the pipe with a suitable pin or bolt and attach a shackle to the bottom end of the chain.

Heavy on the technical side...

The CC Series Mooring System:
When using the CC series as a mooring ball, follow these instructions to achieve the maximum use and durability of this product.
• 1) The CC series has a flexible center tube. If you use a chain, you must first insert a rigid PVC pipe. (See Specification Table for sizing.) DO NOT inflate the buoy until you have inserted the pipe.
• 2) Lubricate both the internal tube channel and the PVC pipe with oil prior to inserting. Make the length of the pipe so that 3 inches of pipe will extend beyond the top and bottom of the buoy.
• 3) Run a captive pin (choose a suitable size for your load) through the extended top of the PVC pipe to secure the chain, and attach a shackle for your pennant to the chain at the bottom of the buoy. Note that in the accompanying diagram, a separate section of chain is run through the buoy.
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