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Fouling Prevention | Props and Underwater Metals

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More speed...using less fuel.
PropSpeed™ is a proven solution to a problem which has frustrated boat owners and captains for years.
PropSpeed prevents marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline.
It works because it's slick, not because it's toxic.

More Speed — It's common sense that fouling of underwater running gear - prop shaft, propellers, rudders - will slow your boat's speed. PropSpeed gives your running gear a long-lasting super smooth surface, preventing fouling and giving you more speed.
Less Fuel — Any growth on your boat's running gear will increase resistance through the water, decreasing speed. When you try to compensate for this by increasing engine power, you'll burn more fuel. PropSpeed keeps your running gear clean and smooth, allowing you to use the least fuel possible.

This 1 minute video sums it up!

• Increased vessel performance and fuel efficiency; less cleaning at haul out - pays for itself many times over
• Prevents the attachment of marine growth by lowering critical surface tension on metal surfaces
• Use on propellers, shafts, bow thrusters, rudders, trim tabs, keel coolers, sea strainers, thru-hulls - any non-ferrous underwater metal
• Clear coat alone (without etching primer) can be applied to plastic bow thruster tunnels and underwater lights
• Glossy finish
• Typical service life is one year, but many users report 2, or even 3, years of service; the more the boat is used, the longer the service life
• Performance is not affected by being out of the water - even for long extended periods
• Kit includes primer, catalyst, and clear coat
• Dry to touch after 20 minutes
• Launch between 8 hours (at 59°F) and 24 hr or more at cooler temperatures
• Minimum application temperature is 41°F
• Apply primer using brush or foam roller; topcoat is applied by brush only
• Theoretical coverage: 129 sq ft/liter. See below for more details
• Thin and clean with acetone

Heavy on the technical side...

Application of PropSpeed is a relatively simple two step process beginning with a catalyzed etch primer followed by a silicone based top coat.
The etching primer adheres tenaciously to the metal substrate and also forms a bonding surface for the clear coat.
Before applying the etching primer, coat with PropPrep to chemically prepare the metal surface; see Related Products, below.
PropSpeed is an environmentally safe product. It does not contain copper, tin or any other toxic substances which may cause environmental pollution. Because PropSpeed does not contain copper it is suitable for use close to stern drives and rudder assemblies.

PropSpeed offers an excellent, extremely thorough PropSpeed Application Guide - which covers all their products. We highly recommend reading this document for its valuable application tips.

The PropSpeed 200ml. Kit contains:
• Etching Primer Base, 96ml.
• Etching Primer Hardener, 24ml.
• Clear Coat, 80ml.
• Mixing stick.
The PropSpeed 500ml. Kit contains:
• Etching Primer Base, 240ml.
• Etching Primer Hardener, 60ml.
• Clear Coat, 200ml.
• Mixing stick
The PropSpeed 1000ml. Kit contains:
• 2 x Etching Primer Base, 240ml.
• 2 x Etching Primer Hardener, 60ml.
• 1 Clear Coat, 400ml.
• 2 Mixing sticks

PropSpeed application has a learning curve. Typically, best results will be achieved by a trained applicator. Call us for applicator contact info at 800-426-6930.

How Much PropSpeed Do You Need?
One Kit = 1000ml Kit
Single Propeller Only
Prop Diameter 18" - 24" (3 - 4 Blades) = 1/2 Kit
Prop Diameter 24" - 36" (4 - 5 Blades) = 3/4 Kit
Prop Diameter 36" - 48" (5 Blades) = 1 Kit
Dual Propellers Only
Prop Diameter 18" - 24" (3 - 4 Blades) = 1 Kit
Prop Diameter 24" - 36" (4 - 5 Blades) = 1-1/2 Kits
Prop Diameter 36" - 48" (5 Blades) = 2 Kits
Dual Propellers PLUS Shafts, Struts & Trim Tabs
Prop Diameter 18" - 24" (3 - 4 Blades) = 1-1/2 Kit
Prop Diameter 24" - 36" (4 - 5 Blades) = 2 Kits
Prop Diameter 36" - 48" (5 Blades) = 2-1/2 Kits

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