ENG MNT 100-420 LB 5/8 STUD #420
R & D Engine Mounts

5/8" Stud Double Acting Shear Loaded Engine Mount

Fore/Aft and Athwartship Adjustable Mounting

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Designed specifically for marine applications, the Double Acting Shear Mount is unique in incorporating 2 rubber elements which are pre-loaded against each other.
This provides excellent isolation, along with good control on problem installations.

The rubber component is covered by an oil shield to protect it from petroleum based products.
These mounts are preloaded 0.19", based on the anticipated combined engine and transmission weight, to limit engine movement.
To facilitate in the ease of installation the mounts are height adjusting.
These particular mounts are unusual in having both longitudinal and dual transverse elongated mounting holes for difficult alignment situations.

• Typical applications include 2 & 3 cylinder long stroke engines
• Offers a fail safe design
• Corrosion protected for long service life
• Deflection: 0.19" - 0.30"
• Base height to top of oil shield at the base of the stud: 2.96"
• Height adjusting nut: 0.55" thick (5/8" stud), 0.43" thick (3/4" stud)
• Overall mount dimensions: 7.12"L x 3.16"W x 6.00"H

• Note: You need to keep the engine foot low on the stud: the Maximum clearance between the bottom of the lower height adjusting nut and the oil shield on top of the base is 3/8" (10mm); if more height is required, a spacer is recommended under the mounting casting
• When calculating mount requirements, remember to include weight of engine, transmission, and all fluids

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