FBO-10 Marine Fuel Filter/Water Separator - Replacement Elements

Replacement Elements for the Smaller FBO-10 Industrial and Marine Filters
By: Racor

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The FBO assembly is used as a high flow, primary fuel filter/water separator on large diesel applications - marine vessels, diesel locomotives, and mining trucks, as well as on mobile refuelers, fleet re-fueling stations, and marine fuel dock pumps.
In engine applications, it is specifically designed as a primary fuel filter/water separator for today's high pressure common rail diesel injection systems.

Three element options are available to meet various requirements:
1) Fuel/water separators (coalescers) are the most commonly used elements - especially for single filter installations - as they both filter particles and contaminants and also separate water from the fuel.
Today's sophisticated diesels are particularly susceptible to damage from water and particulates, so ultra-fine 1 and 5 micron elements are commonly used for this function.
Fuel/water separators are actually dual element filters consisting of both outer and inner elements.
2) Silicone-treated particulate pre-filters (also called microfilters) are single element filters and are most often used in over-the-road, storage tank, agricultural, and mining applications where particulate contamination is of primary concern. They are also used as primary filters to extend the life of other filters further downstream.
3) Water absorber elements also filter particulates. These tend to be specialty items and are most commonly used on farm and fleet fuel dispensing pumps. As they saturate with water, fuel flow is impeded.

All these elements are suitable for jet fuel, aviation gas, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, JP4, JP5, and JP8

All of the replacement elements listed here can be used in either Industrial (black) or Marine (white) FBO filter housings.
In the table below, elements are sorted by function: Fuel Filter/Water Separator elements, Microfilter Particulate Pre-Filter elements, and Water Absorbing elements.
Replacement elements are available in 1, 5, 10, and 25 microns.
The FBO assembly can flow from 5 gpm to 75 gpm, depending on the model, element, and type/viscosity of fuel to be filtered.
Applications requiring more than one function typically use these units in series.
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185854RAC FBO-60327 FBO-60327Loading...FBO-10 Fuel Filter/Water Separator Element - 1 MicronLoading...
181420RAC FBO-60328 FBO-60328Loading...FBO-10 Fuel Filter/Water Separator Element - 5 Micron, 18 GPM Diesel / 45 GPM GasolineLoading...
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169610RAC FBO-60329 FBO-60329Loading...FBO-10 Fuel Filter/Water Separator Element - 25 Micron, 18 GPM Diesel / 45 GPM GasolineLoading...
172162RAC FBO-60330 FBO-60330Loading...FBO-10 Pre-Filter/Particulate Element 1 Mic, 20 GPM Diesel / 50 GPM GasLoading...
185856RAC FBO-60331 FBO-60331Loading...FBO-10 Pre-Filter/Particulate Element - 5 MicLoading...
185857RAC FBO-60354 FBO-60354Loading...FBO-10 Pre-Filter/Particulate Element - 10 MicLoading...
185858RAC FBO-60332 FBO-60332Loading...FBO-10 Pre-Filter/Particulate Element - 25 MicLoading...
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