Marine Air Filter⁄Silencers
Marine Air Filter⁄Silencers

Marine Air Filter/Silencers

Ported for Optional Use with CCV Assemblies
By: Racor

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Racor Marine Air Filter/Silencers trap air contaminants such as sand and floating carpet fibers in the oil-impregnated Vaporbloc™ filter media.
Turbo noise is markedly reduced by the unique design of the housing.

These air filters are for use with or without a closed crankcase ventilation unit (CCV). They come with a capped port, which can be used for easy connection to an existing CCV assembly.

The Marine Air Filter is ideal for customers who want to reduce turbo noise, don't already have an air filter on their engine or need a new one, want an air filter with cleanable media, or are installing a new CCV to eliminate engine room blow-by deposits and need a way to plumb the CCV clean air into their engine.

• Washable filter media; use Racor Cleaning Kit (RAC AFM82006)
• Connect to air intake side of any diesel engine
• With turbocharged engine, connect to clean air side of turbocharger
• If you have an existing CCV assembly, the cleaned blow-by exhaust air is ported into the CCV port on the Marine Air Filter

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