Oilcheck Portable Oil Condition Monitor
Oilcheck Portable Oil Condition Monitor

Oilcheck Portable Oil Condition Monitor

Simple Test Indicates When It's Time to Change Your Oil
By: Racor

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Use the Oilcheck™ to monitor the condition of engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid.

The Oilcheck measures the effect of contaminants in the oil, and then gives you a clear indication of whether or not it's time to change.
Saves you time and money!
Engine oil can appear "dirty" after a period of use, but may still be capable of providing many additional engine hours of protection.
The Oilcheck monitor helps prevent making an expensive oil change before it's necessary.
On the other hand, the Oilcheck monitor will also warn you when your oil has gone beyond its useful life.

In use, a sample of clean oil is tested, followed by a sample of the used engine oil.
The monitor compares the contamination properties of the two samples, and gives you a simple green, yellow, red determination of whether or not you need to change your oil.
Green = Oil is okay to continue using.
Yellow = Oil will need to be changed in the near future.
Red = Change oil now.

• Fast — obtain test results in only 5 to 10 minutes
• Easy to read 3-color visual display, as well as a number display for record keeping
• Works for both petroleum-based and synthetic oils
• Ideal for fleet vehicles
• Monitors oil moisture, metallic contamination, fuel dilution
• Monitors oil condition during extended oil change intervals
• May provide early indication of non-related engine problems such as unsual wear or engine block or gasket issues.

Heavy on the technical side...
The Oilcheck™ oil monitor measures the effect of all the contaminants and the ions that occur in synthetic and petroleum based oils.
This is achieved by detecting and measuring the oil’s dielectric constant.
By comparing the measurements obtained from used and unused oils of the same make and grade, the oil monitor is able to determine the degree of change in the oil’s dielectric constant.
Dielectric change is directly related to the contamination level and degradation of the oil and may allow the user to achieve longer intervals between oil changes and immediately detect increased mechanical wear and coolant dilution, resulting in the loss of the oil’s lubricating properties

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