RK11-1969 T-Handle Replacement - 500 Series Vacuum Gauge Kit
RK11-1969 T-Handle Replacement

RK11-1969 T-Handle Replacement - 500 Series Vacuum Gauge Kit

For All 500 Turbine Series Filters • Install Instead of T-Handle
By: Racor

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One of the most useful accessories you can buy for a Racor filter is one of their vacuum gauges. A vacuum gauge will save you money by allowing you to determine when it is time to change your filter element - instead of changing it on a set schedule...or just guessing. If you are using particularly clean fuel, a vacuum gauge will let you know that you can go longer intervals between element changes.

As a filter element slowly becomes clogged with contaminants, flow restriction increases and less fuel is delivered to the engine and instead more air is pulled from it (fuel de-gassing). This can cause the engine to lose power and eventually stall.
When you install a vacuum gauge in your fuel system, as the filter gets dirty you can watch the vacuum reading gradually increase, eventually reaching a level that indicates the element needs to be replaced.
A vacuum gauge can also prove useful in fuel system troubleshooting.

Vacuum/restriction gauges are typically installed in the plumbing on the outlet (engine/suction) side of the filter or as kits which replace, or substitute for, the T-handle at the top of the filter. When connected by a length of the appropriate tubing, a vacuum gauge can also be installed in an instrument panel or bulkhead. See Related Products, below.

• Note — The 3/4" UNF threaded section of the 11-1669 adapter in this kit is too short to be used with 900 and 1000 Series Turbines; use RK 11-1669 Vacuum Gauge Kit for 900 and 1000 Series filters; see Related Products, below

• Black restriction pointer shows current vacuum level
• Red tell-tale pointer follows black restriction pointer to show the highest vacuum level reached, even when engine is off (use center knob to re-set)
• Rotatable bezel ring with pointer can be set to show the change-out restriction pressure
• Dial 2"
• Maximum vacuum reading is -30" Hg
• Gauge body has 1/4" NPT threads
• Silicone dampened (dry) vibration-resistant movement never leaks fluid or requires adjustments due to temperature or altitude variations

Kit includes the Racor RK11-1676E vacuum gauge with 1/4" male NPT, and (1) x 11-1669 adapter fitting with 3/4" of 9/16"-18 male UNF thread which screws into the T-Handle port on the top of the filter housing, and instructions.

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