Raptor Smooth Grip Wrapping Tape
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Raptor Smooth Grip Wrapping Tape

2 mm Thick • 1" x 51" Ideal for Wrapping Rails

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Surprisingly soft, yet incredibly slip-resistant, Raptor Smooth Tape consists of narrow, thin, pre-cut strips of a durable EVA foam with a self-adhesive backing.
Smooth Gripping Tape is ideal for wrapping slick or splintery railings and handles where it provides a cushioned, superior gripping surface. In these applications, it works like handle bar tape on a bicycle. Sailors often use it to wrap tillers, tiller extension, and round foot-pushes.
Gripping Tape has the potential for use in many other applications from creating shelving with a non-slip surface, to door handles, to shower floors. Use your imagination.
Smooth Gripping Tape is offered in two colors, in 1" x 51" strips which are trimmable, allowing for a custom intallation.

Extensively tested, Smooth Gripping Tape is durable in terms of both foam integrity and color stability. With reasonable care, you can expect it to last for many years.

• Superior gripping surface
• Does not absorb water
• Excellent UV resistance
• Forgiving, cushioned surface
• Ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) closed-cell foam construction - similar in feel to a yoga mat surface
• Easy to clean with soap and water; use a soft bristle brush, if necessary
• Extensive warranty program

Reliable 3M adhesive backing makes for easy peel-and-stick application. Installation is much easier than other products that require glues and extensive curing times. Bonds to metal, wood, gelcoat, and fiberglass.

Should it ever become necessary, Raptor Deck & Step is specifically engineered to be replaceable - just peel or scrape it off. The adhesive is sticky enough to outlive the foam upper, but will not stain or damage the deck. Any adhesive residue can be easily removed using mild cleaning products. We recommend Mer-Maid’s Citrus Wonder, or 3M Citrus Based Adhesive Remover.

An aside — Here at Fisheries Supply, we installed a Raptor Step Pad (made of the same material) right at the entrance door of our retail store back in February of 2014. After 8 months of heavy foot and shopping cart traffic (it's now October), the pad is showing some small signs of wear - a knick or two around the edges - but is in remarkably good shape. Honestly, given how soft the Raptor feels, this amazing level of durability came as quite a surprise. We're very impressed. You should try it.
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