E-Series Dual Row LED Spot-Flood Combo Lights

Rigid E-Series Dual Row LED Spot-Flood Light, 20"

Black Finish • Multiple Widths • 10°/20° Combined White Beam

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Designed to project light at extreme distances, E-Series Spot-Flood Combo Lights are constructed using both 10° spot-focused LEDs and 25° flood-focused LEDs.
All the LEDs illuminate simultaneously to produce a broad beam with a high intensity center that projects almost four times farther than the edges of the beam.
The wider the fixture selected, the more intense and longer the beam.

The black E-Series of LED lights is Rigid Industries' original light bar.
These lights utilize Rigid Industries' patented Hybrid Optical System which projects significantly more light forward than any other reflector design available.
Hybrid Optics uses a combination of parabolic reflector and a suspended central lens for excellent beam focus and projection.
The LEDs used have a longer service life, and are much more efficient than traditional light bulbs - decreasing expenses and reducing power consumption for the same intensity light.

These lights really stand out from the competition, with an easy-to-see difference in beam brightness and distance.
They are used on everything from truck/car applications and vehicle race teams, to boats, farming equipment, mining and industrial machinery, snowplows, and police/fire rescue vehicles.

• Made with the finest materials, 97% efficient internal LED driver circuitry, and the latest Cree and Osram LEDs
• Crisp, clear, consistent light over the entire life of the bulb
• Multi-voltage input 9 - 36V DC
• Unbreakable, abrasion resistant, optically clear lexan® lens
• Molded rubber seal is 100% waterproof - IP68 rating for continuous immersion; dust tight
• No warm up — instant on/off
• Oversized heatsink keeps LEDs running cooler, brighter, and longer
• A360 high purity aluminum extrusion casing
• Durable, UV resistant, 3-stage powdercoat finish
• Includes plug and play wiring harness with switch, black stainless steel mounting brackets and mounting hardware
• Note: The yellow color you see in some of the images of these lights are "flood" LEDs, not amber. You cannot tell the color of an LED beam by looking at the LED when it's off
• Limited lifetime warranty
• Made in USA

Heavy on the technical side...

Additional features of Rigid Industries LED lights:
• Utilizes second generation Hybrid Optics design - projects over twice the light, at the same power, than older models
• Ultimate reliability - if some of the LEDs are damaged, the others will keep working
• Super-efficient driver circuitry transmits 97% of the electrical power directly to the LEDs
• Multiple 1200 MHz signal processors
• Zero UV emissions
• Reverse voltage protected
• Over/under voltage protected
• Components are firmly attached to eliminate vibration or bouncing beams effect
• Positive seal light enclosure with 7 screws on each side, every 10"
• Waterproof pressure equalizing vent
• Made with 100+ lumens per watt LEDs
• Sealed waterproof wire connection
• Rigid Industries continually updates the design and components of their lights as newer technologies become available

LEDs have many advantages over traditional bulbs:
Not only do LED lights produce more light for the energy consumed, they have an incredibly long service life compared to traditional lights.
Being solid state devices with no moving parts, LEDs are able to withstand shock and vibration better than traditional Halogen, HID and Xenon lights.
They have typical service lives of over 50,000 hours, compared to halogen and xenon lights - which typically last up to 1,000 and 5,000 hours respectively.

Keeping LEDs cool is the key to a reliable unit:
The high-powered LEDs that are used in these super bright units create a significant amount of heat.
High heat decreases LED output while using the same amount of energy, produces discolored light, and shortens LED life span.
A properly designed housing or heatsink transfers the heat from the circuit board efficiently, preventing damage to the LED and nearby components.
Rigid Industries' US made extruded housing is made of highly conductive aluminum with many long fins - for triple the heat releasing surface area of competitors’ import housings.

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