Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED Lights
Marine D2 LED Light 701303
Marine D2 LED Light 701513
Diagram of Rigid Industries Marine D2 LED Light

Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED Lights

Aluminum housing | 3000 lumens | 50,000 hour service life

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Rigid's D2 lights are the ideal solution when you need the best overall light coverage, but maximal distance is not required. These are the white, Marine versions of the D2 lights.
The 4-LED Dually and 6-LED D2 are housed in the same 3" x 3" aluminum housing, and have the same shape and profile. The difference is what's inside.
The D2 has twice the light output (over 3000 lumens) as the Dually, and uses Rigid's Specter Optics System - a sophisticated reflector that provides more coverage than the Dually's Hybrid Optics.
Rather than a conical beam, Specter technology creates a broad beam that maintains a bright center hot spot, as well as incredible horizontal dispersion.
By way of comparison, the D2 doesn't project as far as the similar looking Dually Spot, but it does shine as far as the Dually Flood — and with a wider beam and twice the light output of the Dually Spot.

The D2 is available in a Driving and Wide beam configurations, both with a 45° horizontal spread, as well as a Diffused beam model.
The Driving beam projects about the same distance as the Flood beam of the Dually, but is 25% wider (45° vs. 25° beam angles) with broader coverage closer to the vehicle.
The Wide beam is about the same width as the Driving beam, but only projects about 2/3 as far (so, it is wider but shorter than the Flood beam of the Dually).
If desired, you can use Dually Spot and D2 lights together for a perfect combination of distance and spread.
The D2 is also available with a Diffused Beam Lens for wider, 60° coverage, with a shortened beam length for illuminating nearby areas.

Compared to the standard black D2 lights, the white Marine M-Series adds an alodine chromate conversion coating applied to the aluminum housing before being powder coated. Alodining provides a protective layer that makes the aluminum more corrosion resistant, and better able to withstand salt spray. As a conversion coating, the alodine also causes the applied powder coating to adhere better to the aluminum housing.
• 35 Watts and with over 3000 raw lumens of light
• 50,000 hour service life
• 9 - 36V DC input
• Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
• A360 high purity aluminum cast housing
• 3-stage durable UV 3800 powder coat
• 1-1/4 amp draw
• Zero UV emissions
• IP68, MIL810-STDG vibration and ASTMB117 salt/fog certified
• ROHS compliant
• Over/under voltage protection
• Operating temperature range: -40 to +145°F
• Electrically protected against RFI/EMC interference
• Housing provides substantial heatsink capacity
• Light kit includes stainless steel brackets and mounting hardware
• Dimensions: 3-3/16" square

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