Folding Anchor
Folding Anchor

Folding Anchor

The Ideal Dinghy and Inflatable Anchor

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Inexpensive and easy to store, the Sea-Dog folding anchor makes an ideal backup anchor on larger boats or can be used as a primary anchor on smaller vessels and inflatable boats. With their small fluke area, these anchors have relatively poor holding power for long term anchoring, however they do penetrate and work well in bottoms with heavy growth of weeds or grass.

• Folds into a compact, convenient shape and size for stowage when not being used
• Hooks readily in rocky bottoms, and may be rigged to pull out easily, crown first
• Hot dipped galvanized iron with forged flukes
• Note: the table below is based on the manufacturer's recommendations, and is meant as a guide only. If you are in doubt about the appropriate choice of anchor for your boat, please call us for advice
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41346SDL 318001 318001Loading...Folding Anchor, 1.5 lbs.( 5 - 10 ft. Boat)Loading...
28823SDL 318003 318003Loading...Folding Anchor, 3.5 lbs.( 5 - 12 ft. Boat)Loading...
28824SDL 318005 318005Loading...Folding Anchor, 5.5 lbs.( 5 - 14 ft. Boat)Loading...
28825SDL 318007 318007Loading...Folding Anchor, 7.0 lbs.( 5 - 16 ft. Boat)Loading...
28826SDL 318009 318009Loading...Folding Anchor, 9.0 lbs.( 5 - 18 ft. Boat)Loading...
28827SDL 318013 318013Loading...Folding Anchor, 13.0 lbs.( 14 - 22 ft. Boat)Loading...
39872SDL 318018 318018Loading...Folding Anchor, 18.0 lbs.( 18 - 26 ft. Boat)Loading...
39873SDL 318022 318022Loading...Folding Anchor, 22.0 lbs.( 22 - 30 ft. Boat)Loading...
39874SDL 318027 318027Loading...Folding Anchor, 27.0 lbs.( 24 - 30 ft. Boat)Loading...
39875SDL 318033 318033Loading...Folding Anchor, 33.0 lbs.( 26 - 32 ft. Boat)Loading...
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