Automatic Engine Shutdown Systems

Automatic Engine Shutdown Systems

Use with Sea-Fire Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

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Required in diesel engine applications, these second-generation mico-processor Automatic Engine Shutdown systems will automatically shutdown engines, and any powered ventilation system, upon discharge of the fire extinguishing system.
This ensures that the concentration of extinguishing agent reaches the level needed to put out a fire.

Note that a complete engine shutdown system consists of a control box, and a display panel (sold separately).

Control boxes are available in three versions, with shutdown capability for 4, 6, or 8 devices - such as engines, blowers, gensets, etc.

Display panels are available in Rectangular or Round styles, each in four versions.

All display panels are designed and labeled for basic functions such as power "On" and Discharged/Low Pressure.
Additionally, a High Temperature version is designed for adding a high engine room temperature sensor/alarm.
A third Auxiliary Function panel adds a second circuit for an auxiliary function, such as adding a carbon monoxide level monitor/alarm.
A fourth Low Pressure version of these panels is designed to distinguish between a Low Pressure situation caused by a slow leak, and one caused by being discharged.

• Both visual and audible alarms
• Dimmable LED backlighting, silence alarm button, and reset button to enable the machinery to be restarted after shutdown
• Operating voltage is 9-31V DC
• Plug and play capability to multiple display panels via CAT-5 cable connections
• ESRS stands for: Engine Shutdown Restart System

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