Biocop TF
Biocop TF
Sea Hawk Bottom Paint Compatibility Chart 2019

Biocop TF Dual Biocide Ablative Antifouling Paint

Top-of-the-Line Dual Biocide | Multi-Season Antifouling | Controlled Biocide Release

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Seahawk's top-of-the-line dual biocide bottom paint, Biocop TF (Tin Free) is the first non-tin based antifouling to outperform the old tin-based paints.
An improved cuprous oxide and zinc pyrithione dual biocide, plus a state-of-the-art "PL3" polymer controlled release mechanism leaving no harmful chemicals in the environment, combine to make Biocop TF a top performer among all antifouling paints.
This antifouling can be applied over properly prepared tin-based paint, and is safe in salt or fresh water on boats of all sizes.

Biocop TF's harder ablative finish lasts longer on higher speed boats, and is abrasion resistant to withstand maintenance scrubbing without removing paint, and trailering and dry storage without coating damage.

• True multi-season performance
• Self-polishing copolymer chemistry provides continuous protection - even while tied at the dock
• "PL3" polymer controlled release technology allows more protection using less copper
• Harder formulation is more durable and lasts longer on high speed vessels
• May be taken in and out of the water without affecting antifouling properties
• For use in fresh or salt water
• Reliable color consistency for color matching
• 38% high purity cuprous oxide and 4.1% zinc pyrithione biocides
• Apply by brush, roller (3/8" nap, solvent resistant), or spray
• Cleaner, and thinner for brush or spray: Seahawk 2033 Reducer
• Theoretical coverage is 315 ft²/gallon; 2 coats recommended, 3 at waterline and other high wear areas; 57% solids (by vol.)

When overcoating a previously painted hull, refer to the Compatibility Chart image in this entry.

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208292SAW 1201-1 1201-1Loading...Biocop TF Antifouling - Red (Gal)Loading...
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