Hawk Epoxy R1 Resin
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Hawk Epoxy R1 Resin

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Hawk Epoxy is a clear, low viscosity, low-blush system designed for ease of use in the widest variety of construction and repair projects.
The flexibility of Hawk Epoxy lies in its wide range of catalysts and fillers to adapt to any situation. If you need a fast cure due to schedule constraints or if you need a very thick fairing compound, Hawk Epoxy has a solution for you.

Hawk Epoxy R1 resin is a premium blend, low odor epoxy resin used for general repair and construction. It provides superior adhesion and strength, accepts a variety of fillers, and has excellent moisture barrier qualities.
Hawk Epoxy R1 Resin must be used in combination with your choice of Hawk Epoxy Catalyst — Ultra Slow Cure, Slow Cure, Fast Cure, or Clear Finish Catalyst.
Any of the six optional Hawk Epoxy Fillers can be used with any combination of Hawk Epoxy Resin and Catalysts, giving you a large range of epoxy blends, all within this one system.

Hawk Epoxy resins and catalysts are each available in four System Sizes, with a different color-coded tag on every can.
The mix ratio varies depending on which catalyst is being used.
Just be sure to choose the same System Size (1, 2, 3, or 4) for both the resin and catalyst to ensure you purchase the correct combination. The bright color-code tag on each can will help you.

Hawk Epoxy bonds to most surfaces including wood, fiberglass, metals, fabrics, and various foams and plastics.
Use it for fiberglass construction, home construction, boat manufacturing, and all types of repairs.

• High tensile strength
• Strong and durable
• Easy to use
• Thin layer roll out capability
• Excellent bonding strength
• Water resistant

As with all epoxies, do not alter the mix ratio to compensate for ambient temperature. Doing so will reduce the strength of the cured epoxy. •

Heavy on the technical side...

Storage temperature: 40°-90°F (32°-4°C).
• Keep containers sealed and in a well-ventilated area.
• Hawk Epoxy components have an extended shelf life, and will last for several years. After extended storage, be sure to mix a small amount of Hawk Epoxy R1 Resin and Hawk Epoxy Catalyst (at the correct ratio) and ensure proper curing before proceeding to a larger project.
• Hawk Epoxy Catalysts, (C1, C2, C3 and C5) will darken in color with extended storage times. However, this color change will not affect the physical characteristics of the finished project.
• Hawk Epoxy R1 Resin may thicken with extended storage times, and may require thorough mixing before combining with Hawk Epoxy Catalysts.
If Hawk Epoxy R1 Resin or a Hawk Epoxy Catalyst goes through extreme hot and cold temperatures, say 32°F or below, it may get hard and mineralized in appearance. The mineralization will not affect the physical characteristics of the finished product. To eliminate mineralization, heat product to no less than 110°F for 1-2 hours.
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