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Hinge Adapters for Radar Mounts wirth Square Base Plates

PM-H7, -H8 & -H10 • Allows Tilting of Radar for Boat Covered Storage
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These Hinge Adapters are the ideal solution for someone who needs to lower the height of their radar when storing their boat
They work by allowing the radar to be tilted forward or backwards, depending on the rake of the mount used.

These hinges need to be carefully chosen and installed. Depending on the size of your radome or satdome, the height of the mount, and the location of the mount, you may or may not gain a height advantage.
For example, a 24" radome on a 12" tall mount in the center of a cabin top may not be much lower when tilted over. Whereas the same setup installed on the aft edge of a radar arch, might tilt completely below the arch. Also, you may need to take any installed accessories into consideration.

• None of these hinges can be used with vertical mounts, as they all have round base plates
• At this time, the 8" x 8" Hinge is only used with the 36" tall PMA-367-M1 mount - which has the only 8" base plate
Note — The 10" x 10" Hinge cannot be used with the PMA-DM2-M2 Dual Mount, nor the PMA-200 Tapered Radar Mount with Spreader
• Hinge knobs are captive to prevent loosing these overboard
• Includes base plate gasket and fasteners for attaching the hinge to the mount

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