Side-Power SE60 Single Prop Thrusters

Side-Power SE60 Single Prop Thrusters

Typical for boats 29-38 ft | 12 or 24V models | 7-1/4" Tunnel

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The SE60 thruster offers the power and performance needed on most yachts from 29 - 38 ft in length. The SE60 generates from 132 to 161 lb of thrust (depending on battery charge level) to easily maneuver small to mid-sized vessels in strong winds and heavy currents.
Side-Power's wide range of control panels and remotes allows you to customize the installation to fit each owner's personal specfications. The SE60 features a maintenance-free, sealed gearleg for easy installation and a powerful purpose-built electric motor. Like all Side-Power thusters, the SE60 features the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) to protect the mechanism during sudden direction changes - for safe, reliable performance.

If you've arrived on this page already familiar with the advantages Side-Power bow thrusters offer, read on...
Otherwise, this Introduction to Side-Power Thrusters will provide a general overview of their features, propeller configurations, and superior quality.

Thruster features -
• Extra quiet, high thrust 5-blade "skew" propellers
• Purpose-built, high copper content, electric motors designed for maximum performance at real-life voltages provide exceptionally long run times
• Use of Side-Power's SM10112N or SM15112N Voltage Conversion Boxes allows the use of 24 volt thrusters on 12 volt boats (additional 12V battery is required)
• Gear housing maintains positive oil pressure to prevent water infiltration
• "Plug and Go" - all electrical components come completely set up - just connect the thruster to the battery
• Sophisticated "Intelligent Power Control" solid state circuitry prevents damage due to overheating or a sudden change in drive direction; "auto-off" feature deactivates control panel after a set period of inactivity
• Child-proof on/off system; no accidental activation
• Lifetime lubricated/ceramic-carbon mechanically sealed drive train, streamlined gear housing, shear-pin (single prop) or flex-coupling (twin prop) drive gear protection, easy access zinc anodes
• All models can be installed as stern thrusters
• World-wide dealer support
• 2-year limited warranty
A complete installation includes the thruster, a tunnel, choice of control panel, wire harness, and power switch and fuse; all purchased separately

Note that our vessel length recommendations are only guidelines. Every vessel has different characteristics affecting the functioning of a bow thruster, and environmental conditions will vary.

Selecting an appropriate thruster for your boat depends more on its exposed surface area (windage) than on its displacement. Windage, in turn, is related to the boat's length.
This Thruster Selection Guide will present you with several bow thruster options for the length of your vessel. You can then make a selection based on your knowledge of your boat's having higher or lower windage that would be typical for a vessel of that length.
After determining the model of thruster that seems best for your needs, please contact our sales department for corroboration or advice at 800-426-6930.

Decoding the part numbers -
Model SE80/185T =
SE series
80 kg thrust (at low voltage)
185 mm tunnel diameter
Single/Twin/Twin Counter-rotating props

The Side-Power website has helpful system set-up diagrams illustrating how components are selected and used in a variety of possible thruster installations.
When the above link opens, select "Side-Power" for the category, then select a "Type" of your choosing.
"System Diagrams" will present you with a number of basic layouts for various thruster configurations - illustrating the components you need to purchase for a complete system.
These diagrams also indicate where 5-wire cables are needed, and where 4-wire cables are used.

You might also find the "Type" named "Wiring Diagrams" helpful. There is also an excellent "Tunnel Installation Guide" in the list.
Regardless of the thruster system you are considering, and even though it is written for a particular series of thrusters, the link to the "Installation Manual" is an excellent reference. It illustrates many of the general factors and components needing consideration in any thruster installation, including placement of the tunnel, etc.
Click on See detailed table of all productsto see specifications of product options.
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