Aluminum Spade High Performance Anchor

Aluminum Spade High Performance Anchor

Aluminum • Unique Design Makes It So Effective

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Spade anchors have a concave, "scoop" shape that gathers and compresses the seabed in front of them - increasing pulling resistance - as they come under tension.
This is decidedly unlike similar-looking plow anchors, which are shaped to part the sea bottom while sliding along through it.
Pound for pound, the concave-shaped Spade anchor provides the highest holding power, in either sand or mud, of any anchor shape — even flat, fluke-style anchors.

Spade anchors also have a chisel-shaped, heavily weighted tip for digging into the sea bottom.
With half of the weight of the anchor concentrated at the sharp tip, Spade anchors land point down, and dig deeply into the sea floor as soon as you begin to set them — without the need for a roll bar to make sure they don't lie on their side.

A 2-piece design with a strong, fool-proof, wedge-shaped connection makes for convenient and easy disassembly for stowage or transporting...a big plus.

Spade anchors are manufactured in your choice of three materials - galvanized high-tensile steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
Regardless of the material, the same model number of anchor is the same size and has the same surface area, performance, and holding characteristics.
Select the anchor material based on aesthetics (SS), price (Galv.), or the need for light weight (Aluminum).

• Provides superior penetrating and holding ability by virtue of shape and surface area, not its weight
• Unique lead-filled design always lands upright, with the tip ready to dig in
• Will fit in any bow roller that will hold the same size Delta or CQR anchor
• Self-launching and self-nesting in the bow roller
• No requirement to use any special mooring line or anchoring technique
• No moving parts to pinch your fingers
• For catamarans, select one size heavier
• Consult Specification Table for data on maximum recommended vessel displacement

Heavy on the technical side...

Model numbers are equal to one tenth of the fluke surface in square centimeters. So model A140 equals a fluke area of 1400 cm²

The A80 aluminum anchor is rated for smaller vessels than the S80 steel anchors because, even though it will hold a larger vessel, the forces generated have the potential to bend the shank. Instead, Spade recommends using a larger aluminum anchor which will not deform.

All models meet these safety criteria:
• Digs in rapidly, regardless of the type of sea bottom
• Buries itself deeply within the bottom
• Once set, the concave shape provides maximum holding power without dragging
• If conditions are such that under extreme loading the pull exceeds the bottom holding characteristics, the anchor design offers smooth, constant high resistance to dragging with no skipping or bumping that might cause it to jar loose completely
• Holds regardless of a shift in direction of either the wind or tide
• Unique design prevents anchor rope or chain from becoming snagged by the anchor
• Built strong enough to withstand very high loads
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