BRS Block

BRS Block

Camming Spinnaker Sheet Block

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A movable block with locking cam. Temporarily "parking" a line on this camming block can often save the weight and cost of an extra winch or clutch. Spinlock's mobile jammer block is ideal for situations where a fixed deck block can't be used: peeling spinnakers, or changing a sheet winch. For example, when you're approaching the downwind mark, lock off the spinnaker sheet on a BRS Block, and make up the jib sheet on the winch. A tug on the spinnaker sheet will disengage the cam after the drop - without having to touch the block. Because it has its own Spectra™ webbing strap, it takes up no deck space, can be repositioned on the toe rail or onto a padeye, and allows complete freedom of rotation. The BRS Block has three camming modes: • Lock-back: the cam stays clear of the sheet when it is not needed, so there is no accidental jamming • Auto release: after the line has been tensioned, give a simple tug on the sheet and the locked cam springs clear of the line for free runout • Friction phase: even if the sheet goes slack or is out of use when the cam is engaged, the cam stays engaged; no more sheets in the water! • Note: safe camming load is 20% of the block's SWL; for higher loads, always use a rope clutch; except in light air, a winch will be needed to release the BRS cam if it is still under heavy load
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