T-Series Deck Organizers

T-Series Deck Organizers

1/2" (12mm) to 9/16" (14mm) Line

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Good clutches work best with good organizers. T-Series organizers lead multiple lines back from the mast to powerclutches. By using efficient bearings and minimizing their overall length, Spinlock has reduced unnecessary friction which would otherwise increase winch effort and decrease halyard life. All organizer models are designed to allow double stacking. Stacking has some disadvantages (like making lines easier to trip over), but does allow more lines to be led back as a compact group and at a fairer angle to the clutch. Remember, upper sheaves will have lower allowable working loads (by approximately half) due to their increased leverage on the fasteners.
• Composite sheaves
• Sheave spacing is identical to previous models
• Vari-camber construction allows organizers to match the curve of the deck when fitted
• Asymmetric organizers are shorter, and have an exposed sheave at one end
• SWL for T38 units: # of sheaves x 660 lbs.
• SWL for T50 units: # of sheaves x 1,100 lbs.

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