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U-1202 Yellow Strontium Chromate Epoxy Primer - Catalyst Only

Primer for Aluminum and Steel • Two Component Epoxy Primer - Use with U-1201 Base

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U-1201 Yellow Strontium Chromate Epoxy Primer is mixed 1:1 with U-1202 catalyst and should pre-react one hour before thinning and application. This meets Mil Spec No. Mil-P23377D, for aviation and transportation.
U-1201 demonstrates adhesion, anti-corrosive action and may be recoated when dry, up to 24 hours, without sanding.
U-1201 is best sprayed by siphon or pressure feed or HVLP spray equipment. It is thinned 20-50 percent depending upon surface profile to be covered.

U-1201 is not designed for aluminum hulls, nor for immersion since it is not high enough in solids, and coatings are not thick enough, to create a sufficient moisture barrier.

Note — ALL Sterling paint products and components are sold separately.
This is a two-part product - be sure to purchase both components; see Related Products, below.

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