PC-F1 Fastmount Standard Clip - Self-Tapping Female Socket
Fastmount Panel Mount System

PC-F1 Fastmount Standard Clip - Self-Tapping Female Socket

Suitable For Most Panel Mounting Applications • Accepts Male Fittings Mounted on Panels

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Fastmount is the ideal system for installing removable ceiling and wall panels, seat backs, headboards, and inspection hatch covers.
The Fastmount System uses male and female fixings - called "clips" - which thread into or surface mount on panel back and substrate, and easily snap together or apart.

The tough, acetyl copolymer clips are available in three profiles: Standard Profile, Low Profile, and Very Low Profile, depending on the thickness of the panel being mounted — the thinner the panel, the lower the profile. The Standard Profile range is also available in metal for heavy load bearing or fire resistant applications. Regardless of the clip profile selected the gap between the mounted panel and the substrate is always about 1/8 - 3/16" (3-4mm) when the clips are recessed.
Additionally, clips are available in several styles - recessed, surface mounted, etc. - to fit a wide variety of substrate materials and application requirements.
The end result is a hidden mounting system which allows easy panel removal for change out, access, or maintenance.

Fastmount System benefits include:
• Install in fiberglass, wood, plywood, MDF, plastic, HPL, sandwich or composite panels, or drywall (use LP-DF8 coarse thread female clip)
• Self-aligning installation procedure
• Perfect panel alignment and secure mounting every time
• Remove and refit panels in any sequence 200+ times
• Easy installation saves time and reduces cost
• 11 or 22 lb pull-out load depending on male clip selected
• All clips within a particular range (standard, low profile, very low profile, metal) can be used with each other
• Allows for flexing and expansion of panel and support frame
• Panels are easier to remove and to accurately replace than panels installed with "reclosable fasteners"

PC-F1 Clip features...
This female self-tapping clip is suitable for most panel mounting applications, and is most typically paired with the PC-M1 self-tapping male clip; see Related Products, below.
• Use for covered or painted panels, ceiling, wall, exterior & thin-walled panels, refits & upgrades of existing installations, mounting in composites, etc.
• Compatible with all six standard profile male clips — PC-M1B or PC-M2H, PC-SM2 or PC-SM2H and PC-VM1 or PC-VMX
• Screws into 16.8 mm hole made with CT-07 or CT-13 step drill tools
• Install using the CT-03 installation tool
• Although this fitting has a depth of 9/16" for installation in wood, it can be screwed/friction fitted into aluminum or fiberglass frames and seat backs as thin as 4 mm (3/16")
• Made of strong white acetyl copolymer
• A general note — an A or B following a part number represents a revision in the design, but the function of the clip remains the same
Fastmount products are designed and made in New Zealand.

To ensure a quality finished product, it is highly recommended that you use Fastmount's specialty installation and removal tools when working with these fittings; see Accessory Products, below.

Watch a 1 minute video of this female clip and its male self-tapping counterpart being installed.

Fastmount removable panel mounting systems are well-suited for CNC machining, minimizing cost of manufacturing, yet assuring a superior final fit and finish. Panels can be easily removed and replaced with perfect alignment every time.
Modern construction materials and techniques can be combined with the Fastmount system to enable new build materials to be used. These can result in significant time and cost savings, while improving the quality of the finished work.

Technical Resources...
Click here for the Product Sheet for this PC-F1 Standard Female Clip, and here for the PC-F1 Installation Guide.

Clip Selection Guide for Marine applications.
Clip Selection Guide for Architectural applications.

Here are useful Clip Installation Tips for all Fastmount clips.

Clip Layout Guides for...
Small and Lightweight Panels - using Standard Profile, Low Profile, Very Low Profile or Metal clips
Large Panels - when using Standard Profile clips
Large Panels - when using Low Profile clips
Large/Heavy Panels or installations requiring Heat Resistance - using Metal clips

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