EasyFit Premium Plus Electric Toilet - Tall Models

EasyFit Premium Plus Electric Toilet - Tall Models

Fresh or Raw Water Flush • Compact Marine Size Bowl • 12 or 24 Volts

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Note — These toilets have several installation options, and require the separate purchase of an installation kit for your application. (See Related Products, below.)

An upgrade from the EasyFit Eco toilet, the EasyFit Premium Plus toilet adds "Programmable Water Usage".
This is the ability to have the toilet function like your home toilet - leaving a full bowl of water after the flush, instead of the standard dry bowl.

The Premium Plus also adds some holding tank safety features:
1) A simple holding tank level non-invasive sensor and LED indicator on the wall mounted flush control switch panel (indicates empty, half-full, full).
2) A holding tank lockout indicator which prevents flushing when the holding tank when it is "full". The lockout mechanism can be overridden for 2 or 3 more "emergency" flushes.
This feature is reset when the holding tank is pumped out.

The EasyFit Premium Plus Toilet is available in two seat heights — Tall (16.6") or Short (13.5"). These are the Tall models. See Related Products, below, for the Short models.

The Premium Plus is a compact, vitreous china marine toilet that conserves water without sacrificing performance.
It features the choice of low-odor fresh water flushing, or salt water flushing, and utilizes "Turbine Technology" to produce a powerful, clog-resistant flush.

The Premium Plus toilet requires the separate purchase of an installation kit — which will vary, depending on your application. You may chose between:
Pressure Water Flushing -
By design, the toilet plumbs into the vessel's pressured drinking water system, utilizing fresh water for flushing. Fresh water flushing is generally preferred for its odor reducing properties.
For this application you should purchase the Pressure Water Flush Installation Kit.
Raw Water Flushing -
In applications where conserving fresh water is important, you can flush with raw (salt) water.
In this case, you should purchase one of the Raw Water Flush Installation Kits.
Most purchasers will require the kit which includes a pump for the raw water.
If you already happen to have pressurized raw water onboard, select the kit with just the pump wiring harness and wall switch.

• Choice of white or bone color, height, voltage, and fresh or salt water flush
• Very low water usage - very short duration flush with no extra cycling
• Leaves a clean, dry bowl after every powerful - but very quiet - flush
• Space-saving shape - slanted back can fit more hull shapes
• All components are completely self-contained within the toilet body (except certain installation kit items)
• Powerful and complete maceration and transfer of waste
• Unlike the Eco model, the Premium Plus toilets include the wall switch control panel and 12 ft switch wire harness
• Backlit wall switch is simple, and easy to use - add water (press left side), or flush (press right)
• Capable of pumping waste 120 feet with 6 feet of vertical lift - for installation flexibility
• Comfortable wooden seat
• Available in white or bone colors
• 12 and 24 volt models
• Limited 2-year warranty

Remember — you will need to order the appropriate installation kit for your flush water source.

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