SureSeal® Self-Aligning Dripless Shaft Seals
SureSeal® Self-Aligning Dripless Shaft Seals

SureSeal Self-Aligning Dripless Shaft Seals

Easy to Replace Sealing Element - Even in the Water!

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The Tides Marine SureSeal is a watertight, self-aligning shaft seal designed to replace old style flax packing assemblies and face seal dripless units used on inboard propeller shafts. The S-glass and epoxy resin housing contains a precision-machined Teflon® bearing that keeps the lip seal aligned with the propeller shaft. The nitrile rubber lip seal prohibits water from entering the bilge, while the low-friction water-lubricated Teflon alignment bearing allows the propeller shaft to turn freely.
• Fiber-reinforced composite housing is strong, compact, and durable; may be round or pentagonal, depending on size
• Teflon bearing is tough and long lasting
• Removable front cap allows access to the lip seal, making it easier to remove and replace, especially in cramped quarters
• Included hose clamps won't tear or mar the hose surface and require less tightening force
• Cooled with injected water; the crossover line in twin engine installations provides adequate water for both seals, even if one engine is down
• Note: Dimension “C” in the table includes the optional Spare Seal Carrier shown; if no Carrier is used, you can subtract 1 inch from “C” to determine the minimum distance from coupling to shaft log
• Spare Seal Carriers are sold separately
• 2-year or 2500 hour limited warranty
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