45° Exhaust Bellows Elbow
45° Exhaust Bellows Elbow
Trident Marine Hose & Propane TRL Series 45 Degree High Temp Black Rubber Exhaust Elbows

TRL-45 Series 45 Deg Black Rubber Exhaust Elbows

TRL-45 Ser. Black 250 Deg Max | With or Without Clamps | Sizes 6" and Above Have Ribs

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Trident rubber elbows provide flexible connectors for marine wet exhaust systems. Because they are flexible they offer much greater tolerance to heat, misalignment, engine movement and vibration, with significant savings in cost, parts, labor and space.
They also help reduce unwanted extra noise while giving a smooth flow for the exhaust. It is recommended that 2 stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps be used at each end of the connection. You can also order these with the correct clamps to ensure that you have the right parts when you install them.

These TRL 45° exhaust elbows are molded of high temperature black EPDM* rubber with a smooth bore and cover; except elbows of 6” I.D. or bigger have molded reinforcing ribs on the outside. Molded elbows have no internal fabric reinforcement.
They are available in sizes from 3" to 10" ID.

• Black elbows rated at -40°F to +250°F maximum, continuous duty, with a 5-year warranty
• Inlet/outlet cuffs are long enough to fit 2 hose clamps
Note: Any part #s ending in "SS" come with 4 wide stainless T-bolt hose clamps.

High Temperature Exhaust Elbow Hoses Color Comparison
• Black elbows: made from molded, high temperature, black EPDM rubber. Rated -40°F to +250°F maximum, continuous with a 5-year warranty
• Blue elbows: made from a very high temperature, blue silicone rubber. Rated -65°F to +350°F maximum, continuous with a 10-year warranty
• Red elbows: made from an extra high temperature, red silicone rubber. Rated -65°F to +500°F maximum, continuous with a 10-year warranty

*EPDM is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, commonly referred to as EPDM or EPDM rubber. It can withstand relative high temperatures and exhibits excellent resistance to environmental factors such as Ozone, UV, acids, bases, and general weathering.
By comparison, Silicone rubber's outstanding characteristic is its resistance to even higher temperatures, as well as having a longer service life than EPDM. Silicone hose is compatible with water or anti-freeze such as coolant.
Neither of these synthetic rubbers is compatible with fuel or oil, so be careful to protect from exposure.

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128934HOS TRL-845 TRL-845Loading...45 Deg Black Rubber Exhaust Elbow - 8" ID, Without ClampsLoading...
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