RescYou Coastal Yachting Life Raft

RescYou Coastal Yachting Life Raft

6 Person Raft | Soft Valise or Hard Case | Ships Direct - Non Returnable

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The RescYou™ Coastal Life Raft is an excellent choice for cruising and sport fishing in coastal or inland waters in locations where rescue is likely in a short period of time (hours rather than days).
This raft is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport and fit onboard.

Exceeding requirements for ISO 9650-2 approval, the RescYou Coastal life raft incorporates dual/redundant buoyancy chambers and an automatically inflating canopy (a single partial tube provides overhead support). This raft also features water ballast bags, an innovative boarding ramp for quick, easy access, and a full complement of SOLAS flares.

All viking life rafts are made from a specially formulated natural rubber which (unlike many synthetic materials) does not form creases when packed - which can create wear or failure points. Natural rubber ages better, lasts longer, and - featuring hand-glued, easy-to-repair seams - has lower on-going maintenance costs.

The Viking RescYou Coastal life raft comes with a specifically designed coastal survival emergency pack which covers your basic needs in coastal rescue situations.

• 6 person coastal life raft
• Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9650-2, and third party approved by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) international certification body
• Delivered with an ISO 9650-2 Coastal emergency pack
• Packed in either a compact high gloss fiberglass container (for on deck mounting), or a soft water-resistant valise (for deck locker stowage)
• Two individual buoyancy chambers - each having sufficient buoyancy to carry the weight of the number of persons which the life raft is designed to accommodate; a puncture of one tube will not sink the raft
• High;ly visible fluorescent yellow canopy
• Automatically inflating canopy
• Boarding ramp for fast access from the water reduces possibility of hypothermia - no cumbersome ladder
• Water ballast system with four bags stabilzes the raft in heavy seas - each holds 16 gallons (60 liters) of water
• Two inside storage pockets at canopy ends allow dry storage of clothing, etc.
• Two openings for ventilation, paddling, ability to see outside to spot rescue craft, ability to stand upright, and option for helicopter rescue directly from the raft
• High visibility reflective tape
• Fully encircling grab loops/lifelines
• Included 24" (60cm) sea anchor prevents drifting with the wind
• Heavy duty, easy sliding zippers with large pulls on both sides of each opening are easy to operate - even with with cold, stiff hands
• 3-year manufacturer suggested service interval
• Please note that these rafts ship directly from the factory and are non returnable, extra charge for residential deliveries

This raft does not come with a cradle nor an HRU (hydrostatic release unit). These items are available for prchase separately. See Accessory Products, below.
Because rescue is anticipated in a short time span, the Coastal raft has fewer square feet of floor space per occupant than a comparable offshore model.

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