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AirSep Red Spray Cleaning Kit - for Large Red Air Filters

AAF1000 • Formerly Known as Caterpillar Air Filter Cleaner • Aerosol Spray Oil Recommended for Large Air Filters

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This air filter cleaning and conditioning kit is designed to service all Walker air filter red elements installed on AirSeps, or high performance silencer assemblies. It was formerly marketed as the Caterpillar Air Cleaner Kit.

In this Spray Kit for large size red filters the cleaning solution is the same as in the standard Red Kit, but the oil is applied as a spray.
These kits are ideal for CAT C30, C32, or MTU S2000, or S60 AirSep air filters.
Each kit can typically clean two (2) 12" x 14" tapered air filters... or... four (4) 9" x 9" tapered filters - two (2) times.
The kit includes formulated cleaner solution and genuine red oil to recondition your filters

You can compare this Spray Red Kit to the Standard Red Kit - which can typically clean four (4) 9" x 9" tapered filters two (2) times.

The use of Sealing Compound (see Related Products, below) is highly recommended. It eliminates air leaks by creating a seal between the air filter and the Airsep cannister, and also allows easier removal when the air filter elements require cleaning.

For those who require them, click here for the Safety Data Sheet for AirSep red oil, and here for the cleaning solution Safety Data Sheet.

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