4R WWF Marine Wiper Motors - CE Certified
Heavy Duty WWF Wiper Motors - CE Certified

4R WWF Marine Wiper Motors - CE Certified

Medium Torque • Recommended for Radial Wiper Arms • Adjustable Sweep Angle 40 Deg to 110 Deg

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The industry standard for many years, the Bosch-style WWF motor is now available in this CE-certified 4R version.
These medium torque (11 ft-lb) 4R wiper motors are ideal for radial wiper arm applications up to 24" long. (For pantograph wiper arms, we recommend the stronger Wexco 4A waterproof motor.)

With the highest torque among competing motors in the WWF class, the Wexco 4R WWF does its job with less effort, while generating less heat.
Lower heat production is significant, as heat is the biggest culprit in shortening wiper motor service life.
They can be adjusted to left hand or right hand park, and to wipe angles from 40° to 110° in 10 degree increments.
Convenient color coded wiring for high speed, low speed, park, and ground, makes for easy installation.
Fisheries recommends these non-sealed, water resistant motors for interior mounting.

This motor features a finely finished, good looking black or white powder-coated aluminum cover with integral cooling fins which prolong motor life. In fact, this motor looks so good that most owners save money by foregoing the purchase of an additional wiper motor "cosmetic" cover.

• Motor — 11 ft-lb (15 N·m) torque; CE certified
• Shaft — 1/2" diameter brass shaft; available in 1", 2", or 3" thread lengths (eqivalent to other manufacturers' 1-1/2", 2-1/2", and 3-1/2" overall lengths, respectively)
• Speeds — low speed = 35 sweeps/min, high speed = 55 sweeps/min
• Park — coast-to-park circuitry; user adjustable for left or right side parking
• Sweep — user adjustable 40° - 110°, in 10° increments
• Housing — Black or white powder-coated aluminum case; water resistant
• Stainless steel mounting bracket
• Wire leads have individual grommet seals
• Out-of-sight, but very important, Wexco has upgraded this motor to include a stainless steel motor shaft (not the pivot shaft) to resist corrosion better than competing models
• Requires user supplied switch; see Related Products, below

Once you have selected a motor for your application, it's time to select a compatible wiper arm. See Related Products, below, for the radial and select pantograph wiper arms compatible with these 4R motors.

Heavy on the technical side...

Definition of Park Position
Park position is determined by 3 factors: the position of the observer, the position of the motor, and the position of the blades in the parked (off) position.
It is always assumed that the observer is outside the cabin, looking at the windshield.

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