VHB™ Doubled Sided Foam Tapes
VHB™ Doubled Sided Foam Tapes

4910 VHB Clear General Purpose Double Sided Acrylic Tape

40 Mil • Very High Bond Strength • General Purpose
By: 3M

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4910 is a clear, general purpose VHB tape specially designed for bonding clear substrates like glass, transparent signs, etc.
The solid acrylic carrier used is not technically a foam, but provides excellent clarity.

This tape has a general purpose acrylic adhesive which bonds to most higher surface energy ("ahesive friendly") substrates including metal, glass, and high surface energy plastics.

VHB Tapes combine the strength of a mechanical fastener with the convenience and simplicity of a tape.
They form instant, permanent bonds with no drying time, no mess, and are a convenient and proven alternative to nails, screws, or rivets.
As always, especially for critical applications, test this product for suitability under actual application conditions prior to using.

• 3M's only clear VHB tape (also available in a 20 mil thickness)
• 40 mil thick without liner
• High strength, durable adhesion to high surface energy materials
• Low adhesion to low surface energy plastics
• High solvent resistance
• Temperature range: 200°F (300°F for short periods)
• 5 mil, red polyethylene film liner
• UL listing 746C
• Priced by the roll
• Note that VHB Tapes typically have low resistance to UV degradation. When used outdoors, and particularly in glazing applications - as they commonly are - they must be protected by a frit or other UV barrier

Heavy on the technical side...
3M&trade VHB Tapes are high-strength, structural bonding tapes.
They are a proven and convenient alternative to screws, rivets, welds, and other mechanical fasteners.

Unlike screws or rivets - which join materials at a single point - high-strength bonding tape permanently adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint.
Comprised of closed cell foam impregnated with extremely high-strength pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides, the tape's flexibility allows it to compensate for differential thermal expansion between dissimilar materials — so they can be bonded with confidence.

Very High Bonding tapes feature instant bonding, and once materials are joined with VHB&trade Tape a virtually indestructible "weld" is created.
Skyscrapers, cell phones, highway signs, refrigerators, marine electronics, architectural windows, recreational vehicles… all of these rely on specialty VHB bonding tapes for one or more steps in their assembly, mounting, fastening, or sealing.
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