5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs
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5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs

5" Discs • 800 - 40 Grits • Ceramic Mineral Blend • Best-In-Class Value • Go-To Workhorse Discs for the Entire Shop
By: 3M

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Blue is the ideal boatyard abrasive for paint and filler — it stays sharper so it runs cooler, cuts fast, and provides a consistent scratch profile. Blue abrasives save you time and money with longer life, fewer disc changes and less re-working.

Blue abrasives' engineered ceramic mineral blend delivers best-in-class cut and life. The anti-loading design and the universal multi-hole pattern boost dust extraction.
The overall result is extended disc life, improved productivity and a cleaner work environment.

3M™ Blue Abrasives are constructed with a blend of premium aluminum oxides and long-wearing synthetic ceramic mineral abrasive particles that cuts through paint and body filler with consistent results every time.
Use the coarser gades for repairs and working with body fillers.
Use the finer grades for featheredging around repair areas as well as for primer sanding when prepping for paint.

New Multi-Hole Pattern captures dust to reduce loading and also improves vacuum dust extraction over 6 and 7 hole patterns. The Multi-Hole Pattern also significantly extends the life of the disc.

• Premium mineral package stays sharp - so it gives consistent performance for the life of the disc
• Sharper mineral particles cut faster with no plowing - so the disc runs cooler and minimizes surface heat damage
• Stearate coating further reduces loading for improved performance
• Upgraded bonding resins improve durability
• Improves dust extraction efficiency compared to 6 and 7 hole patterns
Special guide holes in the disc allow for alignment with the majority of dust extraction back-up pads

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The Blue Abrasives Series is 3M's premium mid-tier abrasive.
If you desire higher performance discs, consider 3M's purple Cubitron abrasive discs.
A more economical alternative would be 3M's lower performance Green Corps or Gold aluminum oxide discs, but these offer only a very modest price benefit and are better suited for grinding or wood sanding applications, respectively.
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1002295MMM 36165 36165Loading...5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - 320 Grit (50 per Box)Loading...
1002294MMM 36163 36163Loading...5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - 240 Grit (50 per Box)Loading...
1001992MMM 36162 36162Loading...5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - 220 Grit (50 per Box)Loading...
1001991MMM 36161 36161Loading...5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - 180 Grit (50 per Box)Loading...
1001990MMM 36160 36160Loading...5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - 150 Grit (50 per Box)Loading...
457630MMM 36159 36159Loading...5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - 120 Grit (50 per Box)Loading...
457629MMM 36157 36157Loading...5" Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - 80 Grit (50 per Box)Loading...
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